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Arjun by Shinde Sweety
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really liked it

First of all congratulations to Dr. Shinde for breaking a popular tendency of modern authors- a tendency to vilify heroes and deify villains.Even if we agree(which I do) that all the characters of Mahabharat had some grey shades in them plenty of authors are hellbent to whitewash some particular characters with shades of grey bordering on black.
One thing I was thinking many times while & after reading the book is that Dr. Shinde has one skill that makes conversation part of a story enjoyable – how to apply different shades and types of sense of humor on different characters so that it doesn’t feel like one person(author) is speaking through them.Different people have different kinds of sense of humor-mischievous, fiery, witty or deadpan.In her novel Dr. Shinde beautifully portrayed three protagonists having three distinct humor as they speak – mischievous(Krishn),Fiery(Draupadi) & Witty but calm(Arjun).Her writing has an easygoing flow & none can say even after thousands of years the storyline she has chosen is not as equally gripping as it was.
Before reading I expected the book to be Arjun’s POV but not in first person.B’coz personally I feel first person POV,especially if its of a legendary personality,has some weakness.If he/she is inside out honest about her achievements,the reader will think him/her to be a braggart.If they are potrayed as humble enough types then reader won’t have a proper view.BUT…Sweety Shinde showed Arjun’s glory though Panchali’s eyes and vice versa.Smart move!
And after reading a lot of Panchali centred books,I have to say here I like that Panchali’s feelings are not illogically and ridiculously centred on ‘someone’ who was one of her tormentors.
Two complaints I have against the author---
Firstly,I wished it to be a longer read, wanted to see more of the battle scenes in her wonderful way of narrating since its Arjun’s diary and those 18 days was most striking parts of his life.A bit more bonding between Krishn and Parth could have been shown during those days coz friends that slay together…
Secondly,Panchali is potrayed as regal,intelligent,brave as she was but her jealousy towards her co-wives(Especially Subhadra) felt a bit too intense for a woman of Panchali’s dignity.Author ment to show Parth & Panchali to be madly in love which is okay but I believe Subhadra also had her own place in Arjun’s heart as per the epic.She was not neglected by him and a woman who brought up a hero like Abhimanyu without her husband’s support,who carries Krishn’s blood in her vein was more of a woman of subsatance just going by Genetics.She can not be just a dumb beauty just bullied by Panchali.
Its been a wonderful read & waiting for more books from Dr. Shinde(hopefully she will write more and after such a nice start she has a long way to go).
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Shinde Sweety
“Peace is the first casualty in every ambition.”
Sweety Shinde, Arjun: Without a Doubt

Shinde Sweety
“Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue. Virtue is that which lasts inspite of power”
Sweety Shinde, Arjun: Without a Doubt

Shinde Sweety
“Silence too, can be misquoted”
Sweety Shinde, Arjun: Without a Doubt

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