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Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams
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Beatle Meets Destiny has all the makings of an Aussie YA cult classic.

Set in Melbourne, it's completely charming with it's off-beat feel, whimsical yet sexy romance and huge belly-aching moments. This book is ridiculously good, refreshing, original and completely addictive.

What's it about? In Gabrielle's words taken from We Love YA:
I threw my two main characters together with a kiss at the end of the first chapter, and then added an extra girlfriend, a stalker, a stolen tapestry, a teacher/student romance, some superstitions, astrology, feng shui and a kooky mother and it all kind of kicked along from there.

And what a sweet, sexy, inspirational kiss it is :)

My attempt @ a mini synopsis/teaser thingy: Beatle meets Destiny and and she's charming and he's hot and they kiss and have it going on... only Beatle already has a girlfriend of three years, who's sweet and stuck by him though some intense stuff. Meanwhile, Destiny gets herself all tangled up with a stalker and some arty drama with her next-door neighbour and Beatle finds his sister making out with his English teacher (who just happens to be Destiny's older brother). There's lots about twins (so funny! Beatle's a twin, but two months older than his sister) and some laughs about astrology and fate and a large cast of friends and family who each have their own pocket of individuality to add.

There's tension about what will happen with the mess Beatle makes for himself, but even as it builds, it's so quirky and whimsical and teenager-y that you're just enjoying the ride and the tension is a niggling feeling lurking behind the mayhem of it all.

The characters are theatrical and kooky and I love them for leaping off the page and into my heart. I want to hang out with them :)

It has a Moriarty-esque feel about it. The seemingly random threads all tying together in a belly-aching, extraordinarily twisted and awesome way. The climax is one of the best I've ever read. So funny it was almost painful, so cringe-y (for poor poor Beatle) that I almost couldn't bear to read it. So brilliant that it left me stunned - how did she co-ordinate it so well?

Also, the dialogue: snappingly awesome and witty and whimsical and just. so. true.

Did I mention that I grinned and laughed a lot? And that I read it in one afternoon and re-read most of it the following day?

If I could, I'd put a copy of this book in everyone's hands and the world would be a brighter place :)

5 stars of whimsical brilliance and a place of honour with my favourite books of all time

Stuff you should know

Beatle Meets Destiny is being made into a major feature film (and while the book is set in Melbourne, they're thinking of doing the shoot in Ireland)!

It's also a 2010 notable for CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia).

And, on the short-list for the Prime Ministers Award (which comes with a $100 000 tax free prize). It's up against Stolen, but I'm totally rooting for Beatle Meets Destiny to win (and Stolen can win CBCA :) Stolen was powerful and lingering, but Beatle is quirky and cool and totally my thing.

Also, selected for the Books Alive Campaign - one of the 50 books you can't put down.

The best thing about being nom'ed for the biggest Australian awards is every respectable public library in Australia should carry the book (as part of national book week, Aug).
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ALPHAreader I just borrowed this one from the library! It sounds awesome, and I love that it's set in my home town!

Nomes ahh, you will love it. such a funky off-beat romance. You'll love the setting - lots off amusing references to Far Kew, etc :)

I love reading stuff set where I've lived.

This book is my kind of brillance...

message 3: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Awesome review Nomes. I love all the extra facts you put in your reviews. I need to get my hands on a copy :)

Nomes I think my reviews tend to ramble :) This one was hard as it was just completely my kind of whoah crazy brilliant read. really so good. Your library should have this for sure :)

one of my fave reads this year...

Brooke Im 3/4 of the way thru this one, love your review!

I actually began reading it on the way to work on the train one morning, needless to say I got a few strange looks when I burst out laughing at the 'sacrificial virgin / eat me' pages right at the beginning. I knew from there I would love it ;) lol!

Nomes Oh, yeah. i love that first chapter so much. Brilliance. Best meet cute ever! Wait until you get to the climax. unputdownable :)

Angela S Yay! They have it at Barnes and Noble now!! I'm going to get a copy cuz I've heard you raving about it too much. sounds like a fun kooky book and I can't wait. :)

ALPHAreader What a shock... I LOVED this book!
Really hope it gets a film adaptation!
I loved all the Melbourne references... every time Trampoline ice-cream was mentioned, I let out a little squeal of happiness. And the Espy... ahhhh, the Espy.

Sandy You've sold me. It's now on hold at the library. Great review!

Nomes Oh ~ I ADORE this book! Hope you love it :D

Erica (daydreamer) Love love your review! :D Now I'm sure I HAVE to read this!

Arlene Awesome review Nomes. This book was brilliant. Agreed 100%!!

Nomes yay Arlene! this is one of my faves. i've read it twice :)

it was in my top 5 last year

Shirley Marr Wonderful review as always Nomes, I love how your reviews shine when you find a book you love:) "Aussie YA Cult Classic" - yes, I couldn't have said it better. It has that "feel". And what what what about the film of this being filmed OUTSIDE of Melbs??? Reynje will have kittens!

Nomes Thanks Shirley. I always rate my favourites with abandon and am completely biased towards my own tastes when I review ;)

I can't believe it is being filmed outside melbs myself. Especially with it being so setting based :)

message 16: by Reynje (last edited Oct 25, 2011 02:21PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Reynje WHAT?!! Reynje is having kittens! If this is being made into a movie and is not filmed in Melbourne, I will write someone a very stern letter. Yes I will.

*ahem* Great review Nomes, as always. Agreed that it definitely has the feeling of a YA cult classic :)

Nomes LOL.

I am not sure how the movie thing is coming along... I wonder if they will make Ireland look Melbournish? (hmm, is that even possible?) Or if the new setting will openly be Ireland.

It is a rather gushing review. I am unabashedly biased with books that seduce me ;)

ALPHAreader My info is a little old now, but I did an interview with Ms Williams back in February in which I quizzed her about the movie adaptation:

So, Ireland or Canada are the hot-spots. Hmmm....

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