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Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
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Aug 13, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: series, ya
Recommended for: Faerie fans, EVERYONE.
Read on November 23, 2011

This FAR exceeded my expectations!!!!! I'd thought this was yet another gimmicky series, all about the faeries and all. Sounded really cliche: A half-human girl (her other half is always something exotic and cool) runs away from home, into the arms of danger or at least some new adventure, and everything begins from there (i.e. she meets the cute guys, kicks some bad guys' asses, and OBV discovers some cool stuff she can do herself). While the preface cannot be more cringe-worthy at first, I soon discovered that Jenna Black's Glimmerglass is so much more than another of those pretty books out there!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Dana (I don't really think the name suits her) Hathaway/Stuart's narration; she was such an interesting protagonist, and although her knees often went soft in the fact of the hotties (which cannot be helped [Ethan, Finn and Keane are SUCH. HOTTIES. AHHHH.]!(!) The guys here were aplenty, and I had my eye on Finn though it turned out he was old. Like, really old. -_- (sheesh.. I had no inkling he was that old!!) Keane turned out well too. (Like some batch of cookies I baked, LOL) Ethan was a disappointment, but his actions later more than made up for his earlier wrongs.

Dana is a witty and sarcastic character, and she makes the story that much more engaging. Her recounts and descriptions of the people she meets is very... how do you put it? Fulfilling? For the reader? It's totally easy to immerse yourself in the book, and it was really really good.

The execution was really good, though not as good as I'd like, but it far exceeded my expectations. The premise, though it first sounded boring beyond words and all, became the backdrop for a completely original story that, with its complications and developments, captured my heart completely.

I am so in love with this new series, so glad I picked this book up!! Though I have 5 more books on the TRL, I know I'll have to head to the library tomorrow to pick up the next books of the Faeriewalker series. (Oh and can I just add that the concept of a Faeriewalker is completely mindblowing? In the sense that it's so original, and refreshing. The idea of politics figuring such a big role in YA novels isn't new - THG and the Fae politics in some faerie-involving books demonstrate that; but this is the first time I'd seen Fae politics taken to such a level. I mean, for even The Iron King series, at most they're just like, Oberon hates Mab, Mab hates Oberon; obliterate their offspring!! sort of thing. But in Faeriewalker, Fae politics is really more cutthroat, and that makes it all the more thrilling.)

I love love LOVE this book!!
(You may be wondering why it's only a 4-star then; but that's 'coz I am decidedly more reserved and pickier tonight. I would give it a 4.5, but no worries; I have a feeling, a good feeling, that the subsequent books will be worth a 5-star rating!!)

Oh, and add to the list of things I loved:

The relationship between Dana and her mum. She calls her mum a "drunken idiot". I love how it reflects so well on the social issues presently. I mean, how real-real can you get in a book with a teen with a mum with an alcohol problem?

And another addition:

The very interesting and different interface of the book; the whole world-building: Avalon being a place not all magical, but a peaceful (sorta) co-existence between humans and Faerie. I usually like it better if when there's paranormal stuff involved, they don't have to do much with the urban world. But in Glimmerglass, the human world and the faerie world is inherently connected. You can't separate them without killing the story. But Black manages to make it really nice and easy to take in. I don't know how to phrase this, lol, but let me just say that it was, although an unwelcome characteristic of the world (at first), Black's execution was perfect in that it made me love the new world.

Okay. Maybe I should consider
1) Giving this a 5-star rating (I mean, I'm pretty sure I've given less-worthy books a 5-star rating before!) and
2)Redoing this rambling mess that tries to pass of as a review XD
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