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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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Aug 12, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: 2010, sci-fi-fantasy, of-the-south-or-its-environs, will-i-ever-enjoy-romance-no
Read from August 12 to 17, 2010

Potential readers of this series should know the following facts about Bill and Sookie's first sex scene (because I believe that it is your reaction to these facts that determines whether or not you will enjoy this series):

1.) The sex happens on Sookie's dead grandmother's bed, within ten pages of Sookie finding her grandmother violently murdered on her kitchen floor.

2.) Sookie is a human virgin. Bill has superhuman strength and prowess. Somehow their first time having sex is simultaneously fantastic and physically tears her up. It's not so much that this is impossible as that unbelievable sex against the odds is the laziest romantic cliche you can use to show how your characters are "destined for each other," so, way to go Charlaine Harris.

3.) Bill's blood has healing powers for Sookie. After they're finished (and I can't believe I am about to even type this), he sticks his blood-covered finger into her sore vagina to make her feel better.

If you laughed, mouth agape, at any of this sliding scale of ridiculous, then your reaction and mine were the same and you should adjust your expectations accordingly. True Blood can almost be described as "tasteful" in contrast to its source material.

It's not that Dead Until Dark isn't entertaining. It is. You just need to know what to expect, that's all. And once you know what to expect, the appearance of vampire Elvis, cat hungry and inexplicably going by the very Southern nickname "Bubba", won't even make you flinch.
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08/12/2010 page 108
35.0% "I am newly addicted to this ridiculous/amazing show, years after everyone else caught on. Between raging vampire blood induced erections, the hilarious intensity with which Stephen Moyer IS Vampire Bill, and "Fangtasia," I am endlessly entertained by the show and am, as a result, flying through the book."
08/14/2010 page 160
51.0% "WTF, the placement of Bill and Sookie's first sex scene. Also, EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE SEX. wtflol."
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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy OMG let me know how you like it! Once you have seen season 1, reading the book is a bit redundant, but I still enjoyed it!

rachel Halfway in. I am going to have a lot of things to talk to you about after finishing it.

rachel Thanks! Hard to believe it gets sillier than this. I doubt I will have the tenacity to get through the other nine (!) books.

message 4: by Manny (new)

Manny I was vaguely thinking I might read this, but you've convinced me not to. Thank you!

rachel Elizabeth: I'm only finishing the first season of True Blood now, for the first time, and I am amazed at just how much better it is than the book. The plot of Living Dead in Dallas sounds completely stupid, so I thought I might not watch S2 of True Blood either. But now that I have faith in the show to surpass its source, I will definitely watch it. Oh crap, I'll probably end up getting so into the show that I read too. :(

Manny: You're welcome!

noelle your review is mad old but i want you to know i just finished reading this and i thought it was entertainingly excellent so F YOUR TWO STARS

rachel Hey, I said it was entertaining! I laughed a lot at Bill healing Sookie's vagina with his blood and I won't believe you if you tell me you didn't.


but two stars?! NEEDS MOAR STARS.




Only then does it deserve more stars.

noelle there is naked sam

rachel I know, but not IN THE FLESH. It's not the same. :(

message 12: by half-demon (new) - added it

half-demon (Those scenes you've described... yesterday, i was looking at the book with a "WTF...?" expression O_O )

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