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Body Master by C.J. Barry
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Aug 11, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: sci-fi-romance, paranormal-romance, shapeshifters

I've always wanted to try a book by author C J Barry, and Body Master, a fun mix of paranormal and alien romance, was right up my alley.

Unknown to the general public, aliens walk among us. They are shapeshifters who take on the appearance of anyone as long as they have a DNA sample. Seneca is an agent on a secret task force and it her job to hunt down and capture dangerous shapeshifters. Seeing the worst of their race, her work has left Seneca with little love for the aliens. So she's less than pleased when, after losing her partner during a capture, she is assigned a new partner who is a shifter.

Max has wormed his way onto the task force, yes, he has the skills to take down his fellow shifters but his real purpose is to use his position to hunt down one shifter in particular - the traitor who was responsible for the death of many of his people and who murdered of Max's wife as well. Max will have to win Seneca's trust to find the fiend and then violate that trust to extract his revenge.

I really enjoyed Body Master, though if you think about it it's sort of odd to find the hero attractive when he's wearing someone else's body and when he could just as easily become someone else. However, on the whole I did the way the relationship developed between Seneca and Max once I got past the fact that Seneca's shift in attitude towards Max from hostility to acceptance was a bit too easy to believable. Max's change of heart from intending only to 'use' Seneca to 'wanting more from her' was better.

Other things I liked about Body Master: The background plot including the whole secret black market DNA dealing was interesting and I though Seneca's shamanish grandmother and her relationship with Seneca brought Seneca's character to life. But what I really liked about Body Master was that it was so different - what a great combination of sci fi and paranormal romance. I am really looking forward to the next book, terrificly titled, Body Theif.

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