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Come to Me Recklessly by A.L. Jackson
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Come to Me Recklessly has a strange combination of things I love in a book and things that drive me completely crazy. I had a hard time on how to rate this book. I loved the storyline, really liked the main characters and liked the concept it just didn’t do it for me all the way.

The two main characters are Christopher Moore and Samantha Schultz and they are both suffering from a past that haunts them.

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Samantha is living with her childhood boyfriend Ben but she isn’t too invested in the relationship and she feels suffocated. As the daughter of a pastor, she always felt trapped and not free to make her own decisions and mistakes in life. She has never forgotten Christopher, her first love, the one who broke her heart seven years ago. Now her life seems to take a turn for the better because she gets hired as a newly qualified teacher, giving her the opportunity to fulfill her teaching career dreams. Christopher wants to hide his past by seeking comfort with strangers, and he sleeps around. He loves his family and friends, he’s working hard and he’s enjoying the single life. He still can’t forget though his high school sweetheart, Samantha, whom he loved with all of his heart.

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This book is dual POV and past and present POV. The past being the start of their relationship seven years ago, when they were 16. We read how their relationship progressed, how they fell in love, how Christopher helped her lose her inhibitions and made her feel more confident and finally how all came to an end and they had their heart shattered into a million pieces. Today, they are fighting their own demons. When they accidentally meet, their love is heated up, rekindling their old relationship.

This book is a great second chance romance and I’d like to share my personal thoughts on it with you and justify my rating.

I adored the writing – it was evocative, fluent, brilliant, engaging. The dialogue is effective, the characters are well-developed (except for Ben, I explain this later) and the heartache they face will keep you biting your nails throughout. Sex scenes are sizzling hot and the sexual desire is strong throughout the whole book. I loved all the detail that was put into the back-story and the suspense it brought. I liked the angst, the love, the longing...the questioning of everything that's taking place. It’s amazing and will set off every emotion in the dictionary.

But, the narrative is repetitive and it feels like a long, drawn out story where little actually happens. There was not a whole lot that really happened in this book, and it only really got to the good part in the last pages. The plot’s twists and turns are not ingenious and energetic, something that makes it quite predictable. But, what bothered me most in this book is that Ben is physically ABSENT for the greatest part of the book. Ben’s role in Samantha and Christopher’s relationship has been determinant and his character should have been better developed. The narrative around him is extensive but where is he? He’s always absent, on a business trip, a meeting, or out with friends. Ben’s character is neglected and this really annoyed me.

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A little more expansion on key concepts and less predictability would have taken this book from 'enjoyable' to 'incredible'.
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message 1: by Andrie (new) - added it

Andrie Αχ περιμένω αγωνιώντας εντυπώσεις. Το περίμενα με ανυπομονησία το συγκεκριμένο και είναι μέσα στα επόμενα που θα διαβάσω...

Olga therebelreader Molis to teliosa, ligo argotera tha grapso to review, den exo idea possa asteria na doso, mexri to 70% itan na doso 3 asteria, to skeftomai akoma giati to teleftaio kommati itan kalo.

message 3: by Andrie (new) - added it

Andrie Χμμμ οκ θα περιμένω το review. Ήταν κάπως αργό δηλαδή; Τα κάνει κάτι τέτοια η συγκεκριμένη συγγραφέας. Τρενάρει την υπόθεση μέχρι τα 3/4 του βιβλίου και μετά κάνει το μπαμ και την αποκάλυψη και σε κάνει να αναθεωρείς, μου έχει ξανασυμβεί με την Jackson.

Olga therebelreader Mmm kati tetio alla den nomizo oti axizei anevasma sto star rating mono k mono gia to teleftsio 1/4 toy vivlioy, to opoio telos einai predictable nomizo alla exei entona synaisthimata , diladi diavaza tosi ora gia pio logo?

message 5: by Andrie (new) - added it

Andrie Η Jackson έχει θέματα στην εξέλιξη της υπόθεσης και δομής των βιβλίων της, το μεγάλο ατού της όμως κατ' εμένα είναι ότι μπορεί υπερβολικά άνετα να σου μεταδώσει συναισθήματα και μάλιστα πολύ έντονα σε σημείο που να σε κάνει να τα βιώνεις κάπως κι εσύ. Δεν το συναντάς εύκολα αυτό. Δεν ξέρεις τι είχα περάσει με το Come to Me Softly...

Olga therebelreader Einai to proto tis poy diavazo, maresoyn poly ta entona synaisthimata, alla den boro apla na ta niotho, thelo na katalavaino kai to giati kai to pos, na ta viono mazi me toys iroes, me parasernoyn ola mazi kai me afto to vivlio, klinontas to, eixa pikri gefsi sto stoma kai mia elafria dysareskia, afto tha po kai sto review moy, stis simioseismoy aparithimsa 4 yper kai 4 kata (gia tin ora) opote anarotiemai k go, to kerdisa apo to vivlio en telei? poia itan i epigefsi poy eixa iavazontas to?

message 7: by Andrie (new) - added it

Andrie Κοίταξε δεν το έχω διαβάσει ακόμα οπότε δεν έχω άποψη, το προηγούμενα 2 της σειράς όμως μου άρεσαν πολύ -μου άρεσε πώς αποτύπωσε τους χαρακτήρες, τα έντονα συναισθήματα σε αυτά και οι πολύ καλές περιγραφές της. Δεν ήταν 5άρια αλλά πολύ γεμάτα 4αράκια. Τώρα τι να σου πω, θα επιστρέψω όταν το διαβάσω, αλλά εσύ ίσως αντιμετώπισες πρόβλημα στο να κατανοήσεις ορισμένα πράγματα γιατί δεν διάβασες τα προηγούμενα στα οποία παρουσιάζεται ο Κρίστοφερ και πολλά πράγματα από την ιστορία και εξέλιξή του...

Olga therebelreader Μπορώ να διαμορφώσω αποψη γι αυτό μόνο, ουτως η αλλως standalone είναι, δεν είχε κενά η ιστορία, είχα θέμα με το ρυθμό αφήγησης πιο πολύ, τουλαχιστον για μενα

message 9: by Pam (new)

Pam Great review, Olga :)

Olga therebelreader Thank you sweetie <3

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