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really liked it
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Peregrine, Earl of Lisle, and Olivia Carsington have finally gotten their own story. We first met them in Lord Perfect when they went on a Noble Quest to help Olivia's mother. Lisle was less enthusiastic about the adventure, but when he realized that Olivia was doing it with or without him he went along too. As a child Olivia was a dramatic, manipulative creature who wanted to experience grand adventures and become a knight and go on Noble Quests.

Not much has changed since she was a child. She considers herself Lisle's knight in shining armor. She's always protecting him so he can live his dream. She misses him while he's in Egypt, but his happiness is important enough that she'll do anything she can to make sure that he can go back.

Lisle and Olivia had an excellent friendship in this story. They were always the best of friends, but even that didn't save them from having huge fights. Their tempers would get the best of them and they would both say things they'd later regret before storming off. The next thing you know, they'd slide back into laughing with each other and having fun.

This book has such a "romp" feel to it. There are shenanigans and plots and Ideas every time you turn around. Most of them revolved around Olivia. She's the same girl she was when we first met her in Lord Perfect. She doesn't back down from anyone, and she can make anybody believe. Lisle is frequently pulled into these situations to try and rescue her. He has a grand time while he's doing it, but he can't help but lecture her when it's over. Lisle is very fond of his lectures.

As funny as this book is, there's still a very strong undercurrent of depth of character. Olivia and Peregrine and their friendship are not as easy to define as you would first believe. There are reasons that Lisle runs to Egypt and reasons that Olivia writes to Lisle that you wouldn't first expect. I loved the depth and the bitterness that Olivia occasionally sunk into. I also loved that she didn't let herself wallow in it for long. Her friendship with Peregrine was too important for her to let those hard words and hard feelings come between them.

I'm making a mess of explaining this... All I can say is go out and buy it. Read it and then come chat with me about it!
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0.28% "I'm so excited to see Olivia and Peregrine again! I love friends-to-lovers romances!"
August 10, 2010 –
page 15
4.16% ""Drama was what his parents did instead of thinking." - Nothing has changed there!"
August 10, 2010 –
page 23
6.37% ""While men's fashions had grown increasingly sober in recent decades, women's had grown increasingly deranged. "Some birds have landed on your head," he said. "And died there." "They must think they've gone to heaven," said a male's voice nearby. "Looks like rigor mortis," Lisle said.""
August 10, 2010 –
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8.59% ""I was bored senseless," she went on, "but the look on your face when you discovered my bosoms was priceless. It was all I could do to keep a straight face." - LOL. Olivia's still blunt as possible."
August 10, 2010 –
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11.63% "Barely a day and a half after hooking back up with Olivia and he's already in a street fight. Their friendship really hasn't changed. :D"
August 10, 2010 –
page 67
18.56% ""You're acting like a complete idiot, and idiots bore me. Go to the devil." She gave him a hard shove. He wasn't expecting it. He stumbled and lost his balance and fell backward into the shrubbery. "Moron," she said, and stormed away."
August 10, 2010 –
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18.84% "History has repeated itself, and now he's going to have to chase her down again."
August 11, 2010 –
page 120
33.24% "He always walked away...or rode away...or sailed away-off to his adventures, to his mistress, Egypt. He'd come back only long enough to unbalance everything. For a time she'd have her friend and ally back, but after he'd gone, she'd be more restless and discontented. She'd wait for his letters, to share his life, and he-oh, he'd forget all about her if she didn't write to him constantly, reminding him she existed."
August 11, 2010 –
page 187
51.8% ""It was a momentary exuberance," she said. "We were excited because we could have been killed." "The 'I don't know what came over me' excuse," he said thickly. "That's a good one. That'll do.""
August 11, 2010 –
page 239
66.2% ""Sir? What is it?" "Horrible. The most horrible sound on earth. The sound of death and torture and the agonies of a burning hell," Lisle said. "Damn them It's bagpipes.""
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Wicked Incognito Now Great review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very satisfying to have a follow-up on the kids from Lord Perfect.

Catherine Yes, it was nice to see them again. I liked that the adult version of them fit with the child version of them.

Kate McMurry Great review. I just read Lord Perfect and am so excited that LC wrote a romance for Olivia and Peregrine!

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