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Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole
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5 HAUNTING & TORTUROUS STARS! Tillie Cole is at her absolute best!

“For fractured souls are like magnets. Drawn to collide into impossible bliss.”

Souls Unfractured has been on my TBR since I realized it was being written. I’ve read It Ain’t Me, Babe and Heart Recaptured, but this one had me chomping at the bit to have it in my greedy little hands. This is Flame and Maddie’s story and before you dive in, you need to have read the previous two books. This series is not written as standalones, but as directly interconnecting sequels.

“Your touch is poison. You’ll hurt her.”

This series is not for squeamish readers, it contains very dark and often traumatic events. The subject matter alone is very provocative and deeply disturbing. That being said these books are beautifully written, they’re touching and tragic, they have even given me nightmares in the past. Flame’s childhood was beyond horrific. Learning about his past and reliving it through his eyes eviscerated me. This series has been intense up to this point, but this book drove it to a whole new level, I’m not even sure if intense is a strong enough word to describe it. Maddie has not had it any easier; her experiences at the hands of the men within the church have been no less traumatic or devastating. When these two first set eyes on each other they each recognize something in the other, and they are inexplicably drawn together. Maddie has survived hell, as have her sisters, but Flame has also survived his own hell, many years ago. The reason why Flame is the way he is, becomes crystal clear and to be honest, he like the women are very lucky to be alive. Although I’m not sure what he has been reliving daily would really qualify as living. The circumstances that these characters have had to overcome and withstand are incomprehensible to me. I cannot even imagine these kinds of horrors and torture. His brothers of the MC love him, unconditionally but when he succumbs to the darkness and they can now longer reach him, it is Maddie steps into hell with him.

“When his dark eyes did fall upon me, I could see his silent plea. He no longer wanted to live in this manner. He wanted to be free of his pain. Like I had, for so many years, he wanted to be free.”

Maddie and Flame’s connection is one born out of understanding and compassion. But over time and after another horrific event their relationship evolves into something else. Something that has now bound them for life. Their love and devotion to each other is out of this world. It’s simply impossible to unaffected by it.

“I am yours. It took you falling into darkness to make me see the truth and light.”

Tillie Cole has proven over the course of the past two novels in this series and yet again with this newest book, that she has spectacular talent. This story has taken an already phenomenal series to yet a whole new level. This story was immensely compelling; I flew through the pages and over the words in an afternoon. I was fascinated and yet unsettled but what took place within this story. Some of the characters have begun the healing process; while others are still struggling with the demons that not only haunt them in their dreams, but still very much exist in the real world. The amount of work, dedication and sheer will that must have gone into crafting this story, this series, just leaves me in total awe. Tillie Cole doesn’t shy away from what had to be an extremely emotional story to create; she poured herself into its pages. I have to imagine she bled for it, it’s that impassioned.

“I am darkness. I am pain. I am motherfucking death.”

I cannot possibly stress how incredible this story was, the next books that follow in this series are going automatically onto my TBR, I am now officially obsessed with this story and its characters. Discovering how this story will end is now my mission. I now like Flame, have a deeply seated need for revenge, retribution and blood. They all need to pay and I want front row seats to the main event.

“I used to wonder how two people-one broken girl, and one broken boy-could ever move on from their dark and tortured pasts. But now I know. Together, that’s how. They fight their way through…together.”
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