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Bond with Me by Anne Marsh
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Aug 09, 2010

really liked it

Bond With Me by Anne Marsh
Paranormal Romance- Aug 24, 2010
4 ½ stars

They are the Fallen. Angels that rebelled in Heaven and as punishment were made Goblins. Half human and half beast. As Goblins they still have supernatural powers but they are deadly. When they loose control their animalistic side breaks free. Goblins are also cursed to feed upon humans’ souls. Their only hope is to find a soul mate and return to Heaven but a sinister force doesn’t want them to find one…..

Brends is a Goblin and owner or the popular and seedy club G2. He needs to feed but has refused to bond. In bonding he can feed off a human’s soul. This touch of humanity is the only way to keep their beast half from overcoming them. But bonding will eventually drain the donor until they are dead or insane. Brends is waiting. He has his eye on a certain female who has been hanging around his club. And what Brends wants, he always gets.

However his pursuit is muddled by the rash of female murders that could only be caused by a rogue brother. And even worse Goblins themselves are being murdered. Brends knows it is his duty to uncover the truth. But when he discovers that the rogue is stalking Mischka his protective instincts flare and thing become personal

Mischka Baran is on a mission of her to find her missing cousin, Pell. Responsible and a do gooder, family is everything to her. While tracking her cousin she finds herself at the popular and distasteful G2 club. A club where her wilder cousin often hangs out. Determined to find Pell and aid her Mischka finds herself confronted the magnetic and sexy Brends. Dark and enigmatic he attracts her but she wants no part of him. Unfortunately, he wants her and vows to help her find her cousin if she bonds with him. But the cautious and serious Mischka doesn’t want him no matter what her traitorous body tells her….

For the bond is not particularity romantic or long lasting, it is like a risky drug. Does Mischka dare?

Dark and dangerous are the first 2 words that come to my mind when I read this book. Brends is the ultimate bad boy and makes no apologies for his nature or behavior. In contrast, Mischka is kind and innocent. But she is what he unknowingly craves. His very aggressive and arrogant personality makes him want to stake a claim on Mischka. But Mischka is not so easily cowed by him and I loved it when she was able to get the upper hand on him! I enjoyed how Mischka is able to comfort his troubled soul and make him more human. But what I really liked about this book was the secondary storyline about Mischka’s cousin Pell and her relationship with another Goblin named Dathan. He is extremely charming and persuasive. They really seemed to have a history and I could feel the genuine affection they had for each other.

Strong writing and compelling characters in this sexually charged story make for a surprisingly erotic and exciting read. The Goblins with their need for emotion and humanity reminded me a bit of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian/Dark series heroes. I also found the dangerous serial killer and the plot behind the murders very gripping and sinister.

This was an ambitious and thrilling paranormal which was easy to read. The ending was especially explosive. I really liked the idea of sexy fallen angels and hope to see more for them soon.

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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