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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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If you’re a believer ( a Christian in particular), Dawkins will make you look like a fool in any educated person's view, and will make you feel like a dumbass.

Dawkins fails utterly to tear down any meaningful experience of religion, instead he merely reinforces the petty grudges that some atheists have against religion, and throughout the chapters he just keeps on repeating things over and over ……………. And OVER again.

On the other hand, his arguments seem to some extant lacking sort of imagination and often fall into cheap mockery rather than intelligent reasoning every here and then.

Somehow I felt that this book is (to some extant) an equal to that kid in 3nd grade who gives you all the reasons Santa Clause CAN'T exist.

These are some of the arguments Dawkins relayed on (Which shows to his view how believers are stupid, and how as a believer I'm stupid too :3 ) :

Believer : The diversity of life is too complex to be random, so it must have been designed by someone even
more complex.
Dawkins: If the designer is so complex, then it must’ve been created by someone even more complex. And on and
on like that. In philosophical terms it’s an infinite regress. In simpler terms it’s: “So who made
God?“ The only plausible explanation for the complexity of life on Earth is natural selection. (a
usual answer ofcourse ..)

Believer : The chances of having all the right conditions to develop life are so miniscule, it had to be done
on purpose.
Dawkins: It’s true the odds are probably about a billion to one. But there are potentially a billion billion
planets in the universe. I’m not very good at math, but that definitely improves the likelihood. And
we know it happened here, so it could definitely happen again.

Believer : Without God to teach us, we wouldn’t know good from evil. (I didn't realy like this part.. since
God gave us a mind, it's your job to distingush good from evil, just saying ..)
Dawkins: People all over the world make the same moral decisions in thought experiments, regardless of vast
religious differences. We do not need God to teach us good and evil. Not only that, no person in
modern times can seriously claim they are basing their behavior on Biblical guidelines. We’re
talking about people who were ready to kill their own kids, or at least offer up their virgin
daughter to be gang raped. In the example of Lot, God only spares Lot and his daughters, because
they are the most righteous people in town. Then the two daughters proceed to get him liquored up
and seduce him. Which begs the question, wouldn’t God have seen that coming?

Being a believer of the intelligent design scientific theory, it’s quite hard to convince me that life all of a sudden just happened ( outa nowhere) or throw the Darwinism “evolutionary theory” at my face … If we just take it simply, all around us ‘those things we use in our daily lives, all had an intelligent designer, so how come a complex thing such as existence not have a designer? And don’t then tell me as Dawkins referred who designed/ created the designer, I’ll direct you to a saying by EL Imam Elghazali that as humans and in the way our minds operate, there are things that are much beyond our simple understanding, beyond the capacity of our minds to absorb.

What is the Intelligent Design you may ask?
“The Intelligent Design Theory says that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology and that these causes are empirically detectable. Certain biological features defy the standard Darwinian random-chance explanation, because they appear to have been designed. Since design logically necessitates an intelligent designer, the appearance of design is cited as evidence for a designer.”

“The scientific method is commonly described as a four-step process involving observations, hypothesis, experiments, and conclusion. Intelligent design begins with the observation that intelligent agents produce complex and specified information (CSI). Design theorists hypothesize that if a natural object was designed, it will contain high levels of CSI. Scientists then perform experimental tests upon natural objects to determine if they contain complex and specified information. One easily testable form of CSI is irreducible complexity, which can be discovered by experimentally reverse-engineering biological structures to see if they require all of their parts to function. When ID researchers find irreducible complexity in biology, they conclude that such structures were designed.”

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