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Priceless by Tom    Davis
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Aug 07, 2010

liked it

This book is probably closer to 3.5 for just writing. He is not bad, but I don't think his talent is anything special. That being said, the story he tells I think is incredibly important.

Hundreds of thousands of children and women are kidnapped or tricked into the sex slave trafficking every year. These women and children create the greatest revenue of any business in the world, more than drugs, oil, weapons, food, ANYTHING.

This novel sheds light on the subject. It sheds light on how one might find themselves tricked or kidnapped. It sheds light on how some people are fighting to get the girls free, and the challenges they face.

The book is written by a Christian author, and a theme in the book is the main character's conversion to Christianity and how his newfound relationship with God has affected his role as a father and how he handles a situation he's faced in the opportunity to play a role in freeing a few girls.

The book isn't preachy by any means, but the perspective is very religious. I didn't mind it, but I could see how it might turn a non-Christian person off a little bit.

I enjoyed the story and read it quickly (I wasn't bored, I didn't start and stop) I could have used more character development, a little more suspense, a little longer plot line, a little more depth about the scope of the problem in the world.

Basically, I wanted more, and would consider this a great read for young adults because it addresses a heavy subject manner without being incredibly graphic.


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