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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
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Aug 07, 2010

it was amazing

I'm going to start by saying I purchased the paperback and its better for gripping than the hardback..LOL!! I sped literally through this book as it's got the kind of storyline that has you on edge and tense for most of the book. I loved it!! I googled to see what it was about. I thought it sounded similar to the movie, ''The Village'', with Bryce Dallas Howard. Upon reading the book it does have for a tiny part of the book that feel of what is out there , outside of the fences. But that's where it stops!! Mary just wants to see the ocean. The forest has been her home and the home of the villagers for many many years. The "Unconsecrated'', are the zombie like , once human, now flesheaters who moan and groan and claw at the fences trying to get to the villagers.
Unfortunately some are family members no doubt of the villagers. I won't give the story away as it is fast paced and tense read. A couple of The Sisterhood, in my eye, needed a good reality slap. The fences are the only things that will save you and your ability to out run. Lordy I would have been caught in a heartbeat..LOL!! and unfortunately would have been looking very fugly, no doubt hankering for your flesh and moaning. Travis is the lad I most liked in this book. Its primarily a book about survival with love under the worst conditions thrown in. Does Mary make it to the ocean?...well read :D

I'll warn you Carrie Ryan does not hold back on her writing . An awesome friend of mine didn't have the sequel ready to read once she finished TFOHT. I did!! I spent the next week texting her about how fantastic ''The Dead Tossed Waves'' ( sequel) was. Hint!!! Have both books before starting as you will be hankering to read ''The Dead Tossed Waves'', immediately!!!

A very thrilling/tense read.


"Please , Mary . Let me have this day and night with my wife. If you know love, then you understand what this means to me."

"I yell at the thunder. Shout at the lightning. I scream at the Unconsecrated, demanding to know why they have taken everything from me."

"All I can see is a wave of Unconsecrated cresting over me and I feel helpless, at their mercy."


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