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X-Men Forever, Volume 2 by Chris Claremont
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Jan 03, 2015

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This volume of X-Men Forever collects the next six to ten issues of Chris Claremont's 2009 run, collaborating with artists Paul Smith (issues 6 and 10) and Steve Scott (issues 7-9). Focusing on what was deemed The Secret History of the Sentinels, this story arc span for only three issues and did not carry the same punch-to-the-gut as the first one, Love--And Loss! from the earlier five issues. I didn't hate it exactly, but I wasn't really the biggest fan of the Sentinels in the first place so my enjoyment and interest weren't on their maximum level because I just didn't have the same amount of emotional investment unlike the last time.

I wasn't having fun with the Sentinels plot at all, likening them to the Cybermen of Doctor Who that are just there for posterity's sake. I'm hoping Claremont has something inventive planned for them in the next installments.

That said, one of the brightest spots of this arc was the participation of Nick Fury who totally knows how to command a team like the X-Men which shows that he's just a natural leader especially during the most stressful and mind-boggling of crises such as this one. I enjoyed his role in Claremont's storylines so far even though he's only a recurring character who isn't a focal point for the plot itself. I still consider him a great addition to the team. Another bright spot is Kitty Pryde who is still reeling from having her genes infuse with the late Wolverine so she's not only sporting a single adamantium claw in one of her knuckles, her personality seems to be undergoing drastic change as well. Though not in focus just yet, the readers are allowed to see glimpses of her hot-tempered and hasty actions during this mission and I surely hope this will be further explored in the next story arc. I also thought that the personal drama between Jean Grey and Scott is being handled with care and dignity that this couple and their long-time relationship deserves.

Scott chooses to dedicate himself in his work as a leader, allowing Jean her time to grieve Logan's sudden death as she opens up with Hank (Beast) in the meantime. Neither of them is putting their problems ahead of the team's best interests which is very admirable for them and that's why it's easier to sympathize with them when readers can still see cracks in their armor here and there but they don't let their moments of weakness get in the way of being X-Men.

Regarding Professor X: Since the X-Men discovered that he withheld a crucial information concerning the fact that mutants may have a shorter life span than regular folk, you can feel their disconnect from him. They still work alongside him. They're still civil. But you could just tell that they'd rather not talk to him anymore and just leave him be. Scott is definitely the one who feel betrayed the most which adds to his ongoing heartache with his ex-girlfriend so I think that right now he's not in the forgiving mood but he wouldn't just lash out towards the man who was his mentor he looked up to since becoming a part of the X-Men. Again, this subplot drama wasn't at play in this volume but I know that Claremont will be visiting this soon enough and hopefully he will provide me with that old-fashioned soap opera I embarrassedly crave once in a while.

The Sentinels story arc is something I don't want to discuss anymore because it was a forgettable moment for this run, actually, though I am curious to know more about the fucking Consortium, the organization responsible for both the revival of the Sentinels program and the turncloack Storm who had been working for them all along to bring down mutant oppression. I suppose that's their aim, right? God, with Magneto gone, looks like it's the evil humans' time to strike back with a force.

The notable issues here are definitely issues #6 and #10. The former brought us the adorable teenage Ororo and her strained place in the Xavier Mansion because no one is certain who she really is except that she's a clone of Storm. Even that is tricky and I am infinitely excited to see how her character will be participating in the next installments. I personally and want so bad to believe that SHE IS THE REAL STORM somehow. The latter issue was a tribute to Wolverine's death which was such a heartwarming piece of loss and acceptance especially when we have Scott's moving speech to punctuate the legacy and the fulfilling life that Logan lived as an X-Man and friend to many Marvel heroes. As tradition entails in my reviews every time I write about a collected volume, here be the blurbs:

Issue #6 --> In which we take a much deserved breather from the colossal clusterfuck that was Love--And Loss!

Issue #7 --> In which I rolled my eyes once that Sentinel appeared

Issue #8 --> In which I face-palmed so hard because we have yet another Trask in the mix

Issue #9 --> In which I wish this story arc won't have a continuation but I know it will be revisited some time in the series but I really do not look forward to any of it

Issue #10 --> In which everything hurts for a bit but feels better afterwards, promising a fresh start for everyone in this comics I care about


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34.17% "I am having such a great time with XMF so far. The drama and action elements are balanced well. I care about everyone and what they are all going through. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D are also nice additions. Larry Trask is here which means motherfucking Sentinels. Let's do this."
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100.0% "The only issue I liked was the last one with Wolverine's wake. The Sentinels storyline itself was underwhelming. I didn't care much for it but I did love Nick Fury commanding the X-Men for the mission. Anyway, I wasn't too hot for this volume."
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