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Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
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Imagine for a moment that you were at an event, like the 1995 Rugby World cup where South Africa both hosted and won. Imagine being there in the heat of that moment - the cheer and ebulation. That light, almost unreal sense that the world has faded away and there is only that moment. Nothing else is important and you want to quietly capture the complete bliss you are experiencing and put it in a bottle somewhere. Hopefully at some future date you can take it out and rekindle those emotions and bask in that one, perfect moment again.

Then imagine that you are standing outside of a train station. A train has just crashed in front of you. Pleople are screaming, and the stench of smoking meat is tickling your nose as your eyes sting and water. There's that same feeling. That feeling of, "Is this really happening?" Light. Dizzy. Disbelief. Overwhelming to the point of nausea. You can't forget that moment. It will haunt you. Every time you catch a wiff of smoke those memories will come flooding back, whether you want them to or not.

Same feelings, at their most basic level, but entirely different in their mode. In the first situation you jump and holler. You'll hug those around you, even if you don't know them, and celebrate together. Knitted into temporary friendship because you're experiencing the same, awesome event. For weeks later you'll tell anybody who listens that you were there. You'll tell them about how incredible it was and try to impart on them some semblance of what you felt.

Cut back to the second scenario where you'll stand quietly in solidarity with those around you. Once again, knitted together. Brothers and sisters formed from tragedy. You may hold each other and gather around silently. When other people ask you about it, you'll get that look in your eyes that tells them you've seen things.

You're just as altered as the first scene, but where there was ebulation then, there is horror now.

This is what happens when I read certain books. Books like Stolen fit in the first category. They touch me and move me, so I run around telling everyone that I read it. It was amazing. Share in this experience with me. I want to help you feel what I felt.

Then there are books like this. Now I quietly tell you that I read it. That it touched me. Changed me. I look you in the eye and I don't want to elaborate. I quitely turn away and think a little bit more on what I've seen and read, and how it made me feel.

And maybe if you've read a book like this too, you might be able to understand why there's really nothing more for me to say.

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message 1: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Walton Grant I'd like to read this one too -- have you seen the movie?

Kat Kennedy Nooooooo, I haven't! But Tatiana said good things about this book so I can't wait to give it a go. Did you see the movie?

message 3: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Walton Grant I did and it was excellent! It was subtle, dark, and very atmospheric - I loved it. Of course, Hollywood is now remaking the fucking thing - calling it "Let Me In". Because we need it dumbed down, apparently. Ggrr. American remakes of awesome foreign films is a pet peeve of mine. Because they'll turn it into Friday the 13th meets Saw meets Stand by Me or something equally as stupid. I'm boycotting strictly on principal.

Whew. Sorry about that!

I read some reviews of the movie that talked about the book, which sounded really good. I even had it in my hands about a month ago in a bookstore but was too bloody lazy to go the checkout with it.

Spider the Doof Warrior The movie is great. I loved it. But do we really need an American remake? Every time they make something accesible for American audiences it means they're going to make it suck. GROWL!
Also they will probably add more blood. -_-

Kat Kennedy More blood? AWESOME!!!!

message 6: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Walton Grant There was enough blood in the first one -- it was more an atmospheric thing than needing to see gore. Besides, where the movie is set was so freaking cold that everything would have frozen right away, lol.

Megan I loved this book! The movie was just "meh" ... but then again, I saw it only a few days after finishing the book, and you know movies usually pale in comparison. Perhaps if I had given the novel more time to sink in, the movie would have been better.

Tatiana Megan, I so agree with you about the movie. I saw it just a few days ago, years after reading the book. It was nowhere as good as the book. Although I have to admit, kids were creepy enough.

Megan Tatiana wrote: "Megan, I so agree with you about the movie. I saw it just a few days ago, years after reading the book. It was nowhere as good as the book. Although I have to admit, kids were creepy enough."

The kids... creepy is an understatement!

Kat ~ excellent review! You're so right, it is hard to articulate why this book is so good.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

you're awesome.

Kat Kennedy Aw, thanks honey bunch!

message 12: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Wow Kat, you should be writing books as well as reading them!

Spider the Doof Warrior Indeed. I'm trying to decide if I should read it. I started it at the bookstore, but, being wimpy I'll probably need spoilers and extremeness warnings or something despite being a Dir en grey death metal listening heathen.

Kat Kennedy Nicole: Teehee! One day...

Synesthesia - probably this book is not for the faint of heart.

Spider the Doof Warrior eeek. Yes, I am very faint of heart... Which is odd as I like Dir en grey and they have very scary videos.

message 16: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Campbell WOW, you have a way with words. I was on the fence with this book. Should I read it, should I not? I am absolutely getting this book now. Thank you!

message 17: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Witte Incredible review. One of the best I've read in a long time. Plus it showed me that this is a book I would not enjoy. I can't seem to do books with a lot of tragedy at the moment. Maybe my tastes will swing back the other way again, some day in the future, and I'll read this. Either way, beautiful review.

message 18: by Dana (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dana I'm embarking on the journey now, let's see how it goes!

message 19: by Amber (last edited Apr 26, 2013 06:32AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amber I agree. When ever my friends get on the topic of great vampire novels I just say "let the right one in" is my favorite and I leave it that. Ill let everyone else yell and scream their opinions about their books. Because how can i explain it? If theyd read it im sure they understand but if just sat and told them they would just say, "i dont think thats really a vampire book."

Kelly Hull Nice review. This is exactly how I feel. Sometimes when I see it on the bookshelf,I skin over it quickly because I want to forget I've read it, but I can't get myself to completely regret it.

message 21: by Dan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dan R Great review. Great book. Hurrah for both.

message 22: by Shauna (new) - added it

Shauna I haven't read this book. It is on my to-read list, but I wasn't in a hurry to read it. Your review gave me chills, it is so articulate, but even more what a superb metaphor!!! I'm on a mission now.
Thank you.

message 23: by Shauna (new) - added it

Shauna I haven't read this book. It is on my to-read list, but I wasn't in a hurry to read it. Your review gave me chills, it is so articulate, but even more what a superb metaphor!!! I'm on a mission now.
Thank you.

Daisy Spencer I loved the Swedish movie so had to read the book. Both excellent and dark.

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