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I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
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Aug 05, 2010

it was amazing
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The planet Lorien had been destroyed, leaving only nine young Garde and there guardians/keepers a chance to escape, survive, in hopes that they can fight again and save there race, flee to Earth.
They secretly weave among us as they slowly learn how to develop there powers, there Legacies. The Mogadorians, the ones responsible for destroying there home hunts them by order of there numbers.
It started out as a group of nine. Three killed. Six left. They wont stop till all are destroyed. John Smith (aka Number Four) is next...

I Am Number Four is a wicked fantasy fit for any sci-fi junkie. I'm not sure if I'm into alien type books really, but I was very impressed with the concept and the theories that laces through out the story. It's riveting, masterfully imaginative and creatively inspiring. I may not be use to these kind of books but I was hooked none the less.

Pitacus Lore's (aka James Frey & Jobie Hughes) writing is strong, driven and completely gripping. It did take me a bit to get use to the writing style since I'm not use to first-person narrative, taking the story to different paces through out the story.
Some chapters are fast paced and heart stomping, taking dramatic surrounding with vivid memories and haunting us with striking creatures and characters.
Then there were the more slow moving scenes, to either gather information for the readers to keep up, or to give us a look at life around John and Henri. These chapters were both somewhat harder to get through only because I'm an impatient reader and want to get to the good stuff and also easier since I was already invested in these characters lives and wanted to see how things would play out.
One thing is for certain though, each page is lined with an intense urgency that made it more compelling to keep reading to the very end.

I loved John and Henri, they have the greatest bond and I connected with them right away. There story is extremely interesting and I loved learning about the history of the planet, the training and magic of it all. Bernie Kosar is awesome.
While the storyline has more of a crucial feel to it overall, there is also some romance. These characters are only 14-16 years old, so it's not overwhelming and at times it did feel a little flat and maybe even unbelievable but it was also sweet in it's own right. I will say that I didn't like some reactions, thinking it played out a little to smoothly but that's all I'm going to say about that.

Already a movie in the making. Steven Spielberg scooped the rights to this and the movie is set for release on Feb 18th 2011, staring Alex Pettyfer (Prettyface) as Number Four. I'm actually mighty curious about it. I'm not sure if I can envision the movie or even Prettyface being John, so this should be very interesting to see.

Even though this book does have it's flaws, there were some parts I just loved, some parts that were just okay, some parts I had to roll my eyes and others left me turning the pages as fast as possible.
All in all, I still had a really good time reading this book and realize in the end that this is some pretty dame good storytelling!
I'm looking forward to the sequel and the movie, and while I'm still not completely sure that I'm an extraterrestrial fan at this point, anyone looking for an out of this world read should get a kick out of, I Am Number Four.
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message 2: by Nic (new)

Nic This is one of my maybe books. Can't wait for your review :)

Brooke I'm really excited to read it. I just brought it from The Book Depot so hopefully it will get here fast :o)

~Tina~ The buzz around this book is already insane around here. I gotta know what's up with this!

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea AND Alex Pettyfer is playing 'number 4' in the movie, so hello brain-eye-candy.

~Tina~ I know!! It's great, but I'm not sure if I can picture him doing this role. The books is...wow.

message 7: by Nic (last edited Aug 08, 2010 09:56PM) (new)

Nic Awesome review. I think I might give this a try one day even though I'm not an extraterrestrial fan either. Hopefully this is at the library.

oliviasbooks I have to admit, I did not understand everything and have to read your review a second time when there is more time. What irritates me in the description is the following: "the first of a slated multi-book series". Multi-book. Can be good, but does it have to be so?

~Tina~ Thanks Nic, I think you might like this:)

I'm not sure Olivia, I mean, I love long series but I'm not sure if it's necessary for this series. There is a lot to work with though, so it could be interesting to see where they take this. Very adventurous book but with a lot of heart. I guess there is so much more that can be added so in away it might not be so bad. I guess we'll have to see.

Arlene How did I miss that you read this? I've been eyeing it today, so I guess my decision has been made. I'm getting it!

~Tina~ I think we were all caught up with the Linger book, I remember wanting to read this since I was still a bit upset with that book:(
Hope you enjoy!

Arlene Oh!! Yes, Linger did cause a bit of a frenzy. I think more because it was our first official street corner discussion and we were so excited. hahaha

Thanks Tina! I'm looking forward to this.

Crystal Great review!! I am excited to read the next book =)

~Tina~ Thanks hun! I just re-read this to get ready for the movie. Can't wait to see Prettyface!

Jessica Even though this book does have it's flaws, there were some parts I just loved, some parts that were just okay, some parts I had to roll my eyes and others left me turning the pages as fast as possible.

Yup, same here!

~Tina~ XD!

Michaela So how did you like the movie compared to the book?

~Tina~ I really liked it Michaela! I (view spoiler) But other then that I loved it! Alex Pettyfer did amazing XD!
Did you enjoy it?

Maureen Right on!

Natalie THANK YOU!! I absolutely loved this book. Finally a lover, not a hater. <3 you for that. :D

message 21: by Chloe (new) - added it

Chloe Great review! There are soooo many hate comments! I loved this series and I can't wait for the fall of five!

Lizzie Williams I was thrilled by the way the story was introduced... I love the book, and had the best moment reading it..

Lizzie Williams So glad you love it too...I've reading hate ratings...:( i dunno but this book is awesome..

~Tina~ Its a fun series:-) Glad your enjoying!

Lizzie Williams yup and I cant wait to read the next book which will be released on August...(i hope im right)

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