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Awaken, My Love by Robin Schone
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Aug 04, 2010

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bookshelves: trashy-smutty-stuff, romance

This didn't QUITE work for me, but the premise was interesting and it was Schone's first novel, so i'm rounding up from 2.5 stars. Elaine, a married 40-ish woman in the 1990s, wakes up to find herself in the body of 21-year old Morrigan in the 1890s. THAT would be quite the shocker. And of course, she wakes up next to a handsome yet difficult Lord (of...something, that part is never really explained) who's quite huffy with her because in the year they've been married she's been a difficult, sexless B. And of course, they're driven mad by desire and yet she can't quite give in to his wishes even though he's lustworthy because...some reason not really well explained. Because she's married in her other life to her boring husband? Or something? That was the major conflict in this story, which didn't hold together, so I found her "No! No!" (she says No! a lot) every time he was attempting to ravish her to be kind of tedious, and his steadfastly ignoring her No!'s a little...rape-y. But of course that's not the way it was intended, because he loves her! And wants to show her true desire! And she's his wife! And he knows she wants it too! But still...a little creepy.

Some interesting back story enlightened the reader to WHY Morrigan was such a cold, sexless witch, and yet no good reason was given for why Charles married her frigid butt in the first place. Anyway, good first effort with some good love scenes and a few interesting, modern notes (like, why don't people bathe more in the 19th century? And how can a man desire a woman with hairy legs/armpits?), but Schone's later stuff was much better. Still, she shakes up the genre a bit, and I dig that.

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