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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
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Aug 03, 2010

it was ok

Well, I don't quite know how to review this book - I fully expected to like it. I certainly liked "The Davinci Code" and figured this would be the same style. If it is, my tastes have changed.

Look, "The Last Symbol" is likeable in it's own way, and it's certainly easy to read, but it is just a bit too obvious for my taste. The bad guy is covered in scary tattoos. The antagonist is covered in scars and is constantly lighting cigarettes. The good guys are all 100% good, all the time. The conversations read more like lectures (surely Mr. Brown could find better ways of filling the reader in than by having a conversation that goes soemthing like: "You know how significant the number 33 is, don't you?" "Why yes I do, the number 33 appears....".)

But what bugged me most about this book is that through the majority of it, one of the good guys (father figure, rich, philanthropist, noble, pure, with a great head of thick grey hair,...) is being held captive by a sicko who chopped off the good guy's hand and has given the hero, Langdon, something like 5 hours to solve a mystery or the good guy is history. Does this stop Langdon and the plethora of other good guys who pop in and out of the story from waxing philosophic on science versus religion versus mysticism? No it does not. Does it cause Langdon to shout at the priest, "If you know, just tell me so I can save my friend's life, don't give me hints and hope I will discover it myself."? No, it does not.

If you don't mind the good versus evil thing being painted in primary colours, than this book is for you. For me, I prefer subtelty and complex characters. Hence I could give this book an "okay" but not quite a "like".
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message 1: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd Good review, Laura. I didn't like TDC and only read two thirds of it before passing it on to one of my daughters who didn't like it either. So I've been put off buying Dan B books even though he is a topselling author. Laurel

Laura Rittenhouse Laurel, I'm almost tempted to read TDC again (or maybe 2/3rds of it :-) because I really remember liking it. Do you think I was just in a funny mood then? It baffles me.

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