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Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram
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Aug 01, 2010

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Being Jamie Baker was a cute, fun, and original debut novel about a small-town girl with super powers and how she struggles through high-school, boys, and uncontrollable emotions. The idea and concept of this story was wonderful. There just aren't a lot of superhero books out there in the first place because most of them are comics and this one definitely stepped up to the challenge. I loved how the author wrote so naturally and made the world-building seem real and plausible. And I'm just crazy about the cover! Okay, it may be pink and all but let's face it- its a real eye-opener and SO different than so many other covers out in the world. One thing that definitely attracts me as the reader is the cover and if its just not interesting, I won't even look twice.

There were a few things though that I seriously thought needed some work and that's the character's personalities. The two main protagonists, Jamie and Ryan, feel so....unrealistic. All Jamie seems to do is think about Ryan and whine about her life and Ryan feels like a life-size Ken doll to me. I would have loved to see some real flaws in him. And Jamie needed some serious confidence and strength like she seemed to have in the beginning of the book. That, and some other things to think about, other than Ryan. I think that the personalities are really what ruined this book for me but I think other readers will enjoy what this author has to offer more than I did. There's a lot of potential and room for improvement but I do think I'll be reading more books by Kelly and others should as well.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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