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Riding the Wheel to Wellness by Charles Atkins
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Aug 01, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: nonfiction, health, library, 8-star

This was helpful and encouraging reading about life and the mind-body connection. Recommended.
My book rating: 7 stars

p.67 "Because visualization is a meditation technique and also a form of prayer, your determination is very important. Reduce all sensory distractions - turn off the phone, and any electronic equipment - find a quiet place away from commotion, and do some deep breathing to reduce any nervousness that may interfere with your chanting. You need not concern yourself with clearing your mind. You should allow all your fears and pain to surface and meet them head on. When you meet your illness head on, you may banish it or transcend its harsher symptoms. You should conduct this practice twice daily, if possible, for 10 to 20 minutes at time, the same as an exercise regimen.
The technique is very simple. You sit, if possible, in a comfortable position, relax and chant Nam–myoho-renge-kyo while envisioning your body getting well. How you get rid of illness is the part you customize. You might begin with an affirmation (see chapter 9) and garner a determination to be like a ferocious tiger and visualize your illness as an annoying fly. You may visualize healing light flowing through your body, killing cancer cells, or you might conceive the healing hands of a deity touching you. There is no limit to what you can imagine."

p. 70 "Pronunciation of the mantra is simple: Nam as in Vietnam; myo as in mee-oh; ren as in the bird,wren; ge as in gay; kyo as in kee-oh."
"Nam speaks of devotion."
"Myoho represents the mystic law of life and death that pervades all phenomena."
"Renge is the law of cause and effect - karma- that has no beginning or end."
"Kyo represents the sound or vibration inside us that resonates with the universe. Kyo is the sound of our prayer."

p.79 My body and mind are a direct reflection of the universe. I vow to become healthy and aid others in need.

My pain and suffering are meager compared to others. I pray to bring forth my true strength and show others how to overcome their illness.

My body can overcome any illness. My mind can aid my body. All systems of the body and alol the powers of the mind unite now for my recovery.

I pray for all cancer cells to immiediately die. All surrounding cells should now cease and desist communication with those errant cells. I pray that my brain, the conductor of this cellular symphony that is my body, carry out this command at once.

I pray for all my cells to function in perfect accord with perfect health, so I may continue my life in this world.

I pray for all therapies administered by my doctors to be the best medicine with minimal side effects.

I pray for my immune system to function with optimal strength and extend my life for the sake of my family."

p.80 "My spirit is ever-triumphant over illness. It has the upper hand over pain. I vow to live with dignity and show others the greatness of my spirit.
I make progress each day. Each day I am a winner. My resolve is steadfast. I will win my battle and live life on my own terms."

p.94 " So if stress cannot be avoided, how do we lessen its impact on our health? In addition to regular exercise, chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to becoming impervious to stress can be accomplished by visualizing yourself walking through a snowstorm. Your destination is your warm and quite home, before the fireplace, with a warm drink in your hands. The winds blow and the snow piles up before you. Tears run down your cheeks from the cold, northerly wind, but your forward progress is undeterred. Every snowflake that pelts you is an aggravation. Every gust of biting wind tries to drive you off the path home. But you reach your house at the end of the road and know that you will soon be enjoying the peace of your home. When you finally sit in your chair, warming next to the fire, you know that you have conquered stress and you can relax."


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