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All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins
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Aug 01, 2010

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Callie Grey has a feeling that her thirtieth birthday will be her best birthday ever. She has had a great job for the past four years at a small marking firm in her hometown of Georgebury, Vermont. Callie has been in love with her boss Mark Rousseau ever since they played seven minutes in heaven in the closet when she was fourteen and she received her first kiss. Since then she has never forgotten Mark and has dreams of marrying him and having his babies. Almost a year ago, while they both are at an advertising award's show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Callie and Mark have a three day love affair. Callie is now even more heads over heels in love with Mark and thinks he's going to propose marriage to her on her birthday. Unfortunately, Mark doesn't give her a diamond ring, but a nice bracelet, and admits he's in a relationship with the daughter of one of their biggest accounts. What he and Callie had was a passionate encounter and nothing more. Callie is heartbroken and heads off to renew her license before she makes a fool of herself in front of Mark and the entire office.

While on line at the DMV, Callie calls her sister to tell her the love drama. The man standing in line behind her huffs and puffs and is very vocal about how displeased he is at hearing Callie's "emotional diarrhea". Callie thinks he's a jerk. How can he not be sympathetic to her heartbreak about the man she has adored for most of her life who has thrown her over for some spoiled daddy's rich girl? And if that's not bad enough, her birthday party has a change in venue and will take place at a funeral parlor.

Callie channels her inner Michelle Obama, who is the voice of reason for her. Callie must stop being so nice and cheerful, especially in regards to Mark, who has crushed her heart. And when his girlfriend, Muriel, comes to work for him, Callie is placed in a very uncomfortable situation.

Everyone wants Callie to get over Mark. And when she hears that there's a new hunky veterinarian in town, Callie grabs her mutt Bowie, and along with every other single lady in Georgebury tries to get the new doctor interested in them. Dr. Ian McFarland may have a great bedside manner with animals, but needs some major help with the way he treats people, including Callie. Ian is not interested in dating or even going out of his way to be approachable. And every time he sees Callie, he gives her disapproving stares and almost runs in the opposite direction. Perhaps the reason is because Ian was the one standing behind Callie in the DMV when she unleashed her tirade?

It looks like Ian needs Callie's help with his image, and she's very willing to help him even though he still acts cold toward her. But as they get to know one another, Callie comes to some interesting conclusions about the sexy doctor who may not mind Callie's overabundant optimism.

All I Ever Wanted has enough laughs where you'll be clutching your stomach from the ache. Kristan can write great comedy and has created some original and very eccentric characters. Callie's family is a real hoot along with her crusty grandfather, Noah, who she lives with. Callie's divorced parents give her some heartburn as her dad tried to get back with her mom. But good old mom can’t forgive him for cheating on her all those years ago while she was pregnant with Callie's brother. So her father has a plan to show he's a changed man, and those results are full of utter wackiness.

This is indeed one wacky book. Callie is a bit too much at times with her almost air headed like tendencies. She's lovable to a point, and you can't help but like her, but she wasn't dimensional enough for me as a reader. Her crush on Mark is almost near obsessive like with her thinking and acting more like a teenager than a smart business woman. Ian is too robotic and doesn't really make much of an impression until the very end. There are reasons why he's such a cold fish, and when you find out why he is wary of female attachments, including Callie, it's a big twist that I would have never seen coming.

All I Ever Wanted does have a nice small town feel with many other loopy characters that are border line cartoonish. Mark is a selfish jerk who is irredeemable and Muriel is more wallpaper if anything. Also, the constant mention of present day pop culture references will surely date this book in a few years. I wished Kristan would had tone downed these mentions because it became a nuisance. Also, some of the humorous situations felt canned.

Kristan Higgins can write cute very well, although she is a bit heavy on some of the over the top actions and the way Callie acts and goes on with her internal musing to a point I grew bored. All I Ever Wanted is fluffy and really nothing else, but an okay read to pass a few hours with.
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Amber (buriedbybooks) I agree. I liked the writing style and humor, but Callie seemed a bit unstable and bimboish to me.

Katie(babs) Amber (buriedbybooks) wrote: "I agree. I liked the writing style and humor, but Callie seemed a bit unstable and bimboish to me."

The birthday party at the funeral home gave me a good laugh.

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