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Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
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it was amazing
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The Dark Artifices has raised the bar for the Shadowhunter books and I believe for the whole Urban Fantasy in general. This is a work of sofisticated thinking, tremendous planing and a level of imagination such that I find myself in awe of this book.

Cassandra Clare was very critized for continuing her Shadowhunter Chronicles, but I believe this book proves that as long as your story is good and is well written you can continue it. This book went beyond her previous work and I do believe it puts Clare at a new level as an author.

Lady Midnight left us in a very interesting place. With a conflict sort of resolved and a new one begining. Lord of Shadows starts a few days after that moment and while it continues the story I believe it has a whole new dimension and color.

Yes, it still contains the high intensity, drama, and action all previous Shadowhunter books have. And the humor is wonderful, quick retorts, jokes, references to pop-culture, is all there. At the same time it deals with issues of so much more dept than the previous installments of the Shadowhunters Chronicles. We will see the Clave and how they're coping with the Cold Peace as well as how this decision impacted the life and thinking of Shadowhunters all over the world. We will see tension between the Clave and Downworlders, the Fairy Courts and even problems amongst Shadowhunters themselves. From Los Angeles, to London, to Cornwall to Faery to Idris, this story showed us so much more of the Shadow World than the previous books did.

I couldn't help but notice the way this relates to events happening in our real world. Hate breeds hate after all, and some of the issues in this book are so close to our real ones I'm willing to say it wasn't a coincidence. I applaud Clare for including this in such a way that it makes you reflect on it. It educates as well as entertains.

I can't really say that I had many theories for this book. I only had one and it's yet to be either proved or refuted, so I'l have to wait. I do can tell you that this book will surprise you, the way Clare moved the strings of this story is one that weaves several parts of the previous books into one while preparing the way for the next. More on that in a second.

The characters. The growth in Julian and Emma is huge. Both of them were very mature at the begining of Lady Midnight, but the way the events on the previous book are reflected on their actions and behaviour in this one is just flawless. I was hoping for some development but the way they were written simply took my breath away. I have to say their situation is a pretty bad one and after that ending I'm willing to bet their problems will play an even major part on the next book.

Speaking of other characters, I have to say I loved being able to see more of the younger Shadowhunters views. Dru, Livvy, Ty and Kit are all fascinating characters and I was thrilled to learn a bit more of them. Knowing that Clare said some of the younger ones will be the main characters in Wicked Powers made me really eager to know them.

As a Mexican I can't forget Cristina. She was flawless as usual and I loved seeing her have doubts and problems and how se dealt with them. We also got to know more of Diego and even meet Jaime. I'm very much looking forward to see more of them and their closeness with the Hadas. As representation goes Clare did an amazing job with the mexican characters. I have to point that they are Mexican and not mexican/american or latinos. There's a difference in the culture and behaviors. She nailed the representation in this book.

I have to say the story had me both laughing out loud and crying, sometimes both. I agree and understand every single thing that happened in this book, even the deaths tho some I'm still mourning and will probably mourn until the next book. I believe the events that took place here were necessary to move along the story and to propel what I belive will be the main conflict on the following book. I may be wrong, but don't we love to theorize?

Finally I want to come back to the preparations for the next book. Clare said that The Dark Artifices is the bridge that will connect all previous books to the final trilogy: The Wicked Powers. While both Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows are wonderful on their own this explains a lot of the feeling of these books, they're the transition from the corrupted Clave of The Infernal Devices and the both idealistic and scared one that we had at the end of The Mortal Instruments to what will hopefully be a stronger one for the last books. This story will put in both the sentiment and conflict of the following story I can bet on it. Also this book planted some ideas that could potentially change the way the entire Shadow World is working right now. Some very exciting things will come, I'm sure of it.

While reading this book I can already imagine some of the issues that will be dealt with on The Wicked Powers and considering that serie is 4 years away I think that's a pretty big accomplishment for Cassandra Clare. She's certainly stept up her game with this book and I can't wait for the next.

Please tell me if you see any grammar mistakes, thank you!
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