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Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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Jul 31, 2010

it was amazing
Read in July, 2010

I so liked the book because it gave me a good introduction (even though she is biased) into the Muslim world. I think this book was a good fit for me because I grew up in Europe with lots of Muslim immigrants from Africa. (she herself was a refugee in Germany and the Netherlands and then came to the US.) Everything she described fit to a t. Based on that and her honest description of how one feels ending up in a new culture I trust her judgment. At the end the is quite harsh about her own religion. I respect her views and stand in awe of what she has become despite her upbringing. I was split between anger and empathy to her mother.
I later watched her short movie on YouTube and read more about the murder of the producer. I can't get the picture of the tarp on the street covering his body. I also read the statement of the killer. He absolutely made Ayaan's point. He didn't do it because he hated the movie or the producer Theo Van Gogh. He did it out of his conviction. "I acted out og religion, not because he insulted me." Those who kill unbelievers shall go to heaven.

Ayaan wrote over and over again that Islam is peaceful withing Muslim believes but must wage wars against unbelievers.

She is such a smart speaker and has the cutest accent.

Side Story since then: As I finished the book the 4th of July fire works displays in each city were announced. I like looking at fire works but it always makes me a bit weary how much money is wasted in a matter of 30 minutes. We went to Blaine and they boasted themselves with their $22,000 display. It was incredible but I always had my mother's voice in my head: "There are starving children in Africa."

Then days later I heard a story on NPR about 2 Muslim boys that were suspected of stealing a CD players. To teach the teenagers in the city a lesson their hand and foot (opposite, so they would have no balance) were publicly cut off. They described it in great detail. I was shaking in the car with repulsion and anger. I cried and cried and had to turn off when it came to the climax of the amputation. I waited a few minutes and turned it back on. In calm voices they told the interviewer that the whole city square was filled with by standers watching the horrific scene. They explained that Islam law forbids public gathering, festivities that has nothing to do with religion/ prayers etc. They have no community gathering watching fire works and tail gating. When there is a gathering of something sensational it's a girl being flogged for having a non-muslim boyfriend or a woman punished because she was wearing heels (reminds men of their legs and would send them into a frenzy).
Suddenly I was not so opposed to fire works anymore. It's what they mean to people and how it unites the community. It stands for freedom, which I am so thankful for.

I truly hope Ayaan will be safe and be strong voice for woman who suffer.

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