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The Summer of Shambles by Ebony McKenna
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More like a 2.6 than a 3!!!!
I don't know what to say about this book. It felt a little like a retelling of Princess and The Frog but not a very great one.
For some reason I could not imagine the "modern days", even though ur told that the story is happening in present days, the book had a medieval feel to me like Ondine should have been wearing long dresses instead of jeans. Shambles was just kind of whatever to me (I really did not care for him) sure his accent was cute and all but he had no personality other than that accent. Ondine and Shambles fall in love but I never felt their chemistry. They just hang around each other a lot and BUM they're in love and I just like my romance to be a little more deep than that.
I really did not hate this whole book! There were something about that made me want to read the next one. Maybe it was the little foot notes at the end on almost every page, they were cute and funny. I also really liked the end of the book, it was unpredictable but very uncertain and I looks like it can go either way. Guess I'll just have to see!!!!!

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