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Unleashed by Sophie Jordan
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it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** Okay so I made it almost half way through this one and then I had to give it a rest. It was literally driving me nuts. I was forcing myself to read it and not enjoying it and really, this is supposed to be fun. It shouldn't be this hard.

I loved Uninvited. I thought it was interesting and refreshing and unique. In Uninvited Davy started out a little sheltered, a bit superficial, but from her upbringing and expectations in life, that didn't seem unusual. Once she's labeled and then branded as a carrier, she has some growing up to do. And I did think she learned a few things in Uninvited. I thought she understood herself and others better. I thought she got that being a carrier didn't actually mean anything, let alone define an entire people group. I actually thought that was kind of the point the book was trying to make. That your genetics don't control who you actually are and the way that prejudice and being treated a certain way may play into your behavior, etc. I *thought* this series was going a little bit deeper than surface level. And then we have Unleashed.

I don't know what happened here to be honest. It almost doesn't seem like this book is really connected to the last book in a weird way. Yes we have the same characters (kind of) and the same setting. But it feels like all of the events and personal and relational growth that happened in the first book have mysteriously vanished. We're back to square one with Davy, only now with even more selfishness and whining. She's traumatized, and so very judgmental and prejudiced towards carriers, EVEN THOUGH SHE IS ONE! This drove me insane in the first book too, but I thought she'd learned her lesson. She got her mark for slapping a guy who deserved that and worse. How does she not realize that it's likely that a lot of other carriers are completely innocent too? She's constantly thinks about herself as some kind of hardened killer because she shot that guy under duress. SOO not the same as premeditated murder. Everyone knows there are different levels of murder. I get that it would be a shocking terrible thing to have to do, but the way she handled it, or didn't, bugged me. Every time she mentioned being haunted by that guy I rolled my eyes. Get over it already Davy!! I mean would she rather Sean be dead? Yeah it sucks that guy's dead, but we don't know that dude. We know us. You saved the life of the guy who put himself on the line to save your butt time and time and time again and who you supposedly love. But then again, maybe she doesn't actually care too much about him after all…. And the part where she says she doesn't feel at all bad about killing that dude that tried to kill her, because it was him or her? She thinks she won't be haunted by that guy at all. But when she killed the other dude it was that dude or Sean! So, she's fine with killing to save herself but not killing to save someone she's supposed to love?? UGH. She also goes on and on and ON about how she can trust no one and must rely only on herself. No one is going to be there to rescue her so she can't wait around for that. Except every single time anything happens she waits for someone to rescue her. Every. Single. Time. She needed to be rescued so often that it became more than a one man job. Sean couldn't be there 24/7, so enter Caden.

I'm not a fan of Sean going missing in this one at all. And not for the reason you think. Switching love interests in the second book of a duology is a bold move. Is bold the word I'm looking for? :P But regardless, it wasn't that there WAS a switch that really bugged me. It was the way that it happened. Caden just swooped in out of nowhere and oh look Sean's not here and besides he reminds me of that icky thing I did that I didn't even have to do. So I can't even look at him even though he's literally put his life on the line for me and done everything he could to help and protect me from day one. Out of sight, out of mind. Sean who? Oh look Caden sings, and he reminds me of all the things I loved about my old life and my old self, yadda yadda yadda. Plus he's attractive and in closest proximity to me right now so I must really be in love with him. Honestly Caden and Davy's relationship felt like insta-love of the worst kind. They have literally nothing in common and know nothing about each other, but hey they're both good looking and in the same general area, so clearly they're meant to be. Oh yeah, and they both like to sing occasionally. Honestly as soon as the singing thing became such a big deal to Davy I couldn't help but wonder if Caden = the male form of Cadence. And that's pretty much all I thought about him because he hardly had a personality, at least in the part I managed to get through.

I really do actually want to finish this book. I want to find out what happens with the resistance and all. I'm hoping I'll be able to come back to it at some point without it driving me completely crazy. The characters just got under my skin and I need to take a break. I also know there are so many books out there that would have me excited about reading them. I don't want to spend my time on something I have to force my way through.
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