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Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery
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Jul 30, 2010

really liked it
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Read from September 28 to 30, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Welcome to Fool's Gold, California...And meet Pia O'Brian, town festival planner, and Raoul Moreno, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Fool's Gold's newest resident...

A few months previously, Pia's friend Crystal died and left her three frozen embryos. Frightened by the prospect of having babies, Pia returns to work and proceeds to have a breakdown in the presence of the famous, attractive Raoul for their scheduled meeting. They decide to reschedule and he leaves, going over to the elementary school to give a speech to some of the kids. While he's there, a fire starts and burns down the school. In light of this development, Raoul offers his kids' camp as a location for the temporary school. At their rescheduled meeting, Pia and Raoul discover a previously unknown connection: Raoul had known Keith, Crystal's late husband, and was there when he died.

This revelation causes Raoul to offer to be Pia's "pregnancy buddy" and to help her with the babies. He takes her to doctor's appointments and has sex with her, per her doctor's recommendation. When the embryos are finally implanted, Raoul proposes to Pia, offering to be there for her and to be a real father to the babies, to make a life with her, and she accepts. A few weeks later, it is confirmed that the embryos all attached successfully and Pia is pregnant.

At this point, Pia still hasn't come to terms with the fact that she was going to be having triplets. Everything comes into crystal clear focus after a day out shopping for maternity clothes and furniture with Charity and after she miscarries one of the babies. In the hospital after the miscarriage, Pia and Raoul finally understand that the babies are not only Keith and Crystal's, but they are Raoul and Pia's babies, too.

As Pia and Raoul spend more and more time together, it becomes abundantly clear to Pia that she has fallen in love with Raoul. It's also painfully clear that Raoul is afraid to trust after the betrayal of his ex-wife. Faced with no choice, Pia breaks off the engagement because she realizes that she cannot marry a man who doesn't love her back.

After some stern talkings-to and snubs from people in town, Raoul finally has an epiphany: he loves Pia and his life is empty without her. Racing through town, he runs to express his love and propose to her for real. After she accepts, the two of them go find Peter, the orphaned boy that both had gotten close to over the past month or so, and tells Peter that they want to adopt him. All three of them finally have people to love and love them back, and they live happily ever after as a family.

I have been eagerly awaiting Finding Perfect ever since I finished Almost Perfect, and I definitely feel that the wait was worth it. While Almost Perfect is still my favorite novel of the Fool's Gold series, I was not disappointed in Finding Perfect. Susan Mallery has produced yet another winner, yet another book I will always love.

I have to say that I honestly had mixed feelings about Pia in the beginning of this book, due to the different impressions and stories about her from the previous two books. In Chasing Perfect, I loved her, she seemed like the best friend a girl could have and Charity was lucky to have her. In Almost Perfect, it was revealed that she was the mean girl in high school and she was even a little mean to Liz in the present time, and as Liz is my favorite heroine of the series, I got a little defensive on her behalf. So, I came into this not sure how I would feel about her. After having read Finding Perfect, I can say with confidence that I have reverted back to my opinion of her from Chasing Perfect. It was wonderful to see more sides of Pia and finally start to understand her. Just like everyone else, she has insecurities, some trust issues, complete loyalty, and her own morals. She's a complex person in her own way, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her grow into herself in this book, into a completely confident woman who believed she could do anything she set her mind to.

Unlike with Pia, I knew I was going to love Raoul from the beginning. I loved the good impression I'd gotten of him in Almost Perfect, and I remember reading about him in the Bakery Sister's series (even though I haven't read Sweet Spot, Hawk and Nicole's book, the one that Raoul actually plays a large role in). Like with Pia, I enjoyed seeing him finally grow into himself and see that he needed to finally trust someone with his heart. I was heartbroken when Pia broke their engagement because he wouldn't give himself to her completely, and I was on the verge of crying when he basically rejected Peter. The ending, where her finally becomes the man he's always wanted to be, was absolutely beautiful and left me wanting more.

I absolutely adored Peter. He was the cutest kid and his faith and dependence on Raoul was downright beautiful. I was smiling like a fool at the end when Raoul and Pia finally come and tell him that they want to adopt him.

I enjoyed seeing characters from other books like Charity, Liz, Marsha, and Josh. I wish that Ethan had actually had some kind of presence in the book, not just his name being mentioned here or there. I loved seeing more of Montana and Dakota in this book and hope that the two of them, and Nevada, will one day have their own books.

One thing I was not expecting with the plot of the story was that the house Raoul was showing Pia was the one she and her parents had lived in years before. Reading that, and learning about her past, was a touching, heartbreaking moment.

I love, love, loved that Hawk and Nicole came to visit Raoul in Fool's Gold. Ever since I read about him knowing them in the Bakery Sister's series, I was anticipating some sort of cameo from those two in Finding Perfect. Needless to say, I was very happy to have them prove me right!

Again, Finding Perfect was a fantastic book and I believe it deserves every star I gave it. Also, I am really hoping that there are going to be more Fool's Gold books in the future, especially since this wonderful little tidbit can be found inside the book: "And look for more of Susan Mallery's fantastic stories set in Fool's Gold, coming in 2011!" I hope this is true and I look forward to more books starring the people of this wonderful town!
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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Oh, this sounds like a wonderful story!!! Wow. **sigh** Great review!

Leah It is a wonderful story! And thanks :D

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews OMG i didnt read your review cos i have been waiting waiting waiting for my library to get this one!!
And it came in today so i am off to get it tomorrow!!
I am so excited, i loved the first two of this series!!

Leah I can't wait to see what you think, Ang! This was my favorite one of the series :D

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews Really??? Awesome i cant wait to go and get it so i can start it :)

Leah Yep! I hope you enjoy it :)

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