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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Jul 30, 2010

did not like it

Being a middle school teacher, I am constantly looking for more books to put in my classroom library. It is important to include a variety of genres in this library and I love to read just about anything. With all of the emphasis on vampires recently, I chose to read this book by looking at other readers reviews. Because it's primary audience is YA, I thought that it may be a good fit for my library. NOT!! I disliked this book for these reasons:
1. It is poorly written.
2. Every paragraph contains at least one swear word - often the
F word.
3. Before I was half way through the book, the 17 year old main
character had her shirt off making out with a boy and her best
friend had gone all the way.
4. The best friend is a "cutter" and cuts herself whenever things
go wrong which is often.
5. The only character that is actually developed is the main one.
6. The main character is disturbingly defiant and troubled. She
relates to no one but her friend the cutter.
7. I read to the end thinking that the story must develop into
something good because of the reviews - it never does! This is
a really lame story about a really disturbed, sexually deviated
young girl.
This book is definitely not worth reading and defiantly does not belong in my classroom or in any school library!
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Maddison Dru Agreed!!!

Jenny Schoenbauer Okay calling Lissa a cutter is sooo stupid! You sound like you haven't even read the boom so therefore you wouldn't know what's going on. And it is not poorly written. I've read this series a ton of times ad yes there are some typos but I've never once thought it was poorly written. Also my middle school had the whole series in the library. Teens aren't as oblivious to that kind of stuff as you think. We've all heard or said the F word before we've all heard about sex, we all know about cutting. This book does not encourage cutting. The character who does it knows it's bad but does it for reasons you would know if you wouldn't be such an idiot and read the book not just reviews.

Jenny Schoenbauer *book

message 9: by Courtney (new) - added it

Courtney Vail Have you tried Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson or Codename: Dancer by Amanda Brice? Those are cute and fun books.

Kelly Lori - Fantastic Review...exactly what I thought of this horrific book. Scary that it is marketed as YA.

Alexia Stone-Cohen if you think this is what the book is about, well youre obviously aren't a very good teacher or else you would've been able to read it properly.

Kelly Go proofread/correct your comment then you can talk about how those of us who hated this book don't know how to read a book properly. Are you serious? Haha

Wenjie Thank you so much for this review!! I honestly thought I was going insane, being the only person to feel this way about the book.

Kelly Wenjie wrote: "Thank you so much for this review!! I honestly thought I was going insane, being the only person to feel this way about the book."

You're in good company, Wenjie!

Lili The fact that you disliked the book because Lissa cuts really outrages me ... A lot of teenagers cut ! You should know that if you work in a school.

Lili And honestly, the fact that I liked the book is because I could compare a lot of the characters to people I know. I think most of your students could too.

message 1: by Aki (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aki I think you're a mite bit mental thinking that this is a good book for middle schoolers who won't understand half of the social and mental problems that the characters have. There's a reason this is YA and take note that this is set in High School, not Middle School. I'm not sure why you even started thinking this would be good for middle school.

Cutting may not be okay, and I wasn't okay with it either, but it happens, inside and outside of fiction. And it actually gave the character Lissa some depth.

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