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She's So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott
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Jul 30, 2010

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Two years ago, Ally Ryan had to leave her perfect life at Orchard Hill after her father had invested badly with the community's money, causing people to lose their houses and trust funds. Now, Ally is back, but on the other side of her old prestigious life. She's a Norm now, a Norm who is fatally attracted to Jake Graydon, a Crestie. With the scandal still burning holes in people's minds, Jake's friends are not at all willing to let Ally back in their lives. With such utter disapproval from his friends, will Jake succumb to his friends, or follow his heart?

Told in alternating voices, She's So Dead to Us is the first in a trilogy. I'm a big fan of the dual point of views, but I didn't really like Jake. As a character, he was extremely shallow and such a follower. I get that he started out this way to enhance his character development even more later on in the books, but boy, was he annoying. I kept waiting for him to stand up for Ally verbally instead of sneakily doing so. I also couldn't stand how he and Shannen were supposedely best friends when none of their history was explored. Jake's here for less than two years and all the Cresties are his besties? I didn't even know how they all met.

At times, I liked Ally. I see a lot of Reed in Ally, actually. She's incredibly strong, but still very fragile, emotionally anyway. I liked her progression and the way she seemed to be intent on changing from her old lifestyle to her "Norm" one. But I didn't like how she repeatedly went back to Jake after having weighing how hot and sweet Jake is after he'd just snubbed her, or didn't stand up to her. Frankly, I just didn't really get their attraction to each other; I thought it was a bit juvenile.

The story has plenty of twists and turns. The majority of those were spun by Shannen, who, despite everything, I really wanted to see more of. She's like Noel, in a way. Shannen's a bitch, but she was also fiercly loyal to Chloe, and even though I wished she would stop blaming Ally for everyone's problems, I liked her strong personality. I hate that she is supposedely in love with Jake and is just waiting for him to figure it out. So typical.

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