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Jul 29, 2010

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Fans of erotic romantic suspense

Despite some holes in the logic of this book, and despite the heroine's TSTL moment near the end of the story...I loved this book, because I was "just wild about Harry" Bolt, our to-die-for hero!

This is the second in Lisa Marie Rice's Protectors series, and even though this book can be read as a stand-alone, I'd advise anyone to read this series in order. The characters are recurring, and you are first introduced to the hero of this book, 34-year-old former Delta Force operator and now a partner in San Diego's RBK Security-- tall, sexy, dark blond, shoulders-out-to-there Harry Bolt-- in Into the Crossfire.

Harry, who was gravely injured in Afghanistan a year or so ago with not much will to live upon arrival back in the States, is finally back in top shape after months and months of therapy, the support of his two "brothers" (Sam Reston and Mike Keillor), and the music of a mysterious jazz/pop singer known only as "Eve". Listening to Eve's music helped pull Harry out of his depression, and gave him the strength to fight just one more day.


When a quietly beautiful young redhead arrives at RBK with a referral from a former client from their "underground railroad" (besides providing security for corporate big wigs, RBK helps abused women in need) Harry is eager to help her. Ellen Palmer tells Harry her story---she's a CPA, working her first job out of college for a couple of years now for a government contractor in Georgia. His books are a mess and a bit shady. The owner of the company (Gerald Montez) has plans for her that don't involve work. He hits on her. Everyone in the company thinks they're an item, but she's just not interested, and rebuffs him. Then at a company party, an inebriated co-worker lets it slip that Montez stole 20 million dollars from the US government. Montez notices the drunk and Ellen talking. The next day the co-worker is found dead with a bullet in his brain. Ellen puts two and two together and realizes that her life may be in jeopardy, and that she knows more than she should, especially when she looks out her window and sees a vanload of armed men heading to her house. She makes a narrow escape and takes off across the country.


For the next year she's on the run. She finds out on the news that her boss has reported her to the police for embezzlement and suggested that she may have murdered her coworker! She ends up working in a Seattle dive as a waitress and singer. Amazingly, she's discovered by an agent (view spoiler) Now she needs Harry and RBK's help. Can they protect her?

That's about it for the plot. Ellen's boss is after her and wants to make sure she'll never be able to tell what she knows about him. He'll stop at nothing to keep her quiet, including bringing in a dangerous, sadistic mercenary to help him with the task. Harry will do everything in his power to protect the lovely Ellen, and so will his partners Sam and Mike, and Sam's "most beautiful woman in the world" (this was mentioned more than once) wife Nicole. They all fall madly for Ellen, but none more so than Harry. And if you're familiar at all with LMR's heroes, once they fall, they fall HARD. The testosterone kicks in, they become uber-protective and uber sexual with plenty of stamina, and the story really steams up! Harry has a hard time keeping his hands (and other parts) off the lucky Ellen...

So no complaints from me on the steam factor, the characters, the nice little update we get on Sam and Nicole's life, the friendship between Ellen and Nicole, and the general plot. The bad guys are evil, do some truly gruesome things, and there's a huge, exciting rescue scene (straight out of an action movie) at the end, but it's necessitated by a TSTL moment by Ellen. I'll say no more, just let you read it. When it happened I was saying "no, no nooo don't do that!" (but of course she couldn't hear me). I did start to wonder near the end of the book about the path Ellen chose and had some questions. (view spoiler) Just try to enjoy the relationship between Harry and Ellen--two people with similar backgrounds and needs. I'm sure after you read that moving prologue about Harry's tragic early life, you'll fall for him like I did, and want to see him find a woman who can make all his dreams come true.

I'm happy to say that after the cliffhanger ending, LMR didn't just end the story there. She gives you two epilogues--one about 11 months later, and one a year after that. They are sweet and surprising, and involve Harry directly. And OMG, I guess I know who "man-slut" Mike's HEA will be---I can't wait to see how Harry reacts! I just love LMR's writing style, and I can forgive her just about anything. I can suspend disbelief with the best of them--holes in the plot or logic (when it comes to LMR) don't (usually) bother me. I'm most interested in the characters, and she made me fall in love with Harry and Ellen. And while there wasn't a whole bunch of love scenes, what she delivered was intense, smokin' hot, and enough to get your pulse racing. I was very, very sorry to see this one end...but boy am I anticipating the next story in this series! 4 1/2 stars

***Readers of Shannon McKenna's McClouds and Friends series, pay attention to a scene involving Ellen's friend Kerry on page 225. Is LMR referring to who I think she is?***
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MelissaB Hey I was wondering how I read a new book before you! Especially LMR!

Auntee Couldn't get my hands on it locally for some reason! I had to order it.:) It was soooo stressful but it finally arrived in the mail yesterday.

I see you gave it 4 stars (haven't read your review yet). That must mean that it wasn't quite perfect?:(
That prologue was one of the saddest ones I've ever read...

MelissaB My review has no spoilers, just a general opinion of how I felt about the book. I warned about the prologue in my review, it was a big negative of the book because I have a little blond niece so it almost made me cry to read that part. I think LMR was trying to show why the hero is so dedicated to helping abused women and children but I would rather that kind of stuff happen off page because I can't handle seeing violence toward children.

Auntee I can understand how that would be awful to read--you'd put your niece in her place and that would be horrifying!

That glimpse into his past made me hurt for him...

message 5: by Judi (new)

Judi wow lots of mixed reviews for this one. I just got it yesterday in the mail, but no idea when I'll get around to reading it.

Kathrynn It got it on the Nook and hope to start today. I'm not reading any reviews until I read it, though. Sorry.

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura Hello, Harry!! LMAO. This series sounds good I will have to add it to my ever growing list of books to read!

MelissaB Great review Auntee! What a hunky Harry and a beautiful Ellen! I agree, I can forgive plot holes and even TSTL moment by the h especially with such a beautiful epilogue. I was so excited by the ending, I was so happy for Harry because he will be ecstatic.

message 9: by Auntee (last edited Apr 15, 2011 05:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Auntee Thanks Melissa!

And I didn't see that ending coming. Can you imagine (view spoiler)

MelissaB Auntee wrote: "Thanks Melissa!

And I didn't see that ending coming. Can you imagine [spoilers removed]"

Indeed. I want to know how it came about.

Auntee Apparently (view spoiler)

MelissaB Auntee wrote: "Apparently [spoilers removed]"

I think that's what will happen! Why wouldn't he have found out? I guess we will wait and see!

KindleRomance Reviews Loved the ring!!!! Are the authors friends or is LMR just a fan? I wonder...

Auntee I remembered the jewelry from the last (I think) McKenna book. I'm guessing they're friends since they're both American authors living in Italy.

Megan I was "just wild about Harry," too, Auntee, that golden god. I'm with you on the just-suspend-disbelief Ellen's TSTL moment at the end, though I suppose Ellen was too shocked to be her usual survivor self. Sigh. I heart LMR's alpha heroes. I would be so jealous of her super beautiful super talented super sweet heroines--except I feel sorry for them having to put up with these guys who can't get their erections down. ever.

MelissaB Auntee wrote: "I remembered the jewelry from the last (I think) McKenna book. I'm guessing they're friends since they're both American authors living in Italy."

Oh I wonder if that's why she wrote Port of Paradise which I love to reread!

Auntee I'm dying to know too. Was he (view spoiler)

Auntee "...that golden god"!! I was trying to remember how she referred to him! Thank you for reminding me, Megan!:D

"...can't get their erections down. ever."
Poor Harry.:)

KindleRomance Reviews “Edgy, sexy, endlessly exciting, Lisa Marie Rice never disappoints! I can’t get enough of Lisa Marie Rice’s sensual, hard hitting stories!”

—New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna

You were right. Just found this quote from McKenna on the first book in the series.

Auntee A-ha!

message 21: by Shawna (last edited Apr 16, 2011 07:01AM) (new) - added it

Shawna Great review, Auntee! Man you and Melissa have both twisted my arm on this one and made it sound so good.

I think I'm the only person who feels this way, but LMR is an author that I'm just not all that fond of. *dodges tomatoes* I especially dislike her intermingled bad guy POVs. But I liked Into the Crossfire a bit better, although I still wasn't overly impressed and gave it 3.5 stars I think. Do you think I'd like this one?

I've got her Midnight series on the TBR 'cause I've heard there LMR's best.

MelissaB Shawna wrote: "Great review, Auntee! Man you and Melissa have both twisted my arm on this one and made it sound so good.

I think I'm the only person who feels this way, but LMR is an author that I'm just not all..."


Read Midnight Man before any of these books, it's much better.

Auntee EEK, what happened to the other side of my brain? Shawna, not a fan of LMR???

Okay, don't give up entirely on her--follow Melissa's advice and try Midnight Man or Midnight Angel (my favorite), and if you still aren't impressed...then LMR just isn't for you (but I can't really believe that!)

Oh, just thought of another you might like--A Fine Specimen.

Kathrynn Those pictures are right-on line with my thoughts of the characters, Auntee. LOL Great work!

Auntee Thanks Kathrynn! Hard to find a pic of a man with hair on his chest--I may have used this guy more than once.;)

Kathrynn :-)!

message 27: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz Well isn't he a handsome fellow ;p

Auntee A "golden god".:)

message 29: by Shawna (new) - added it

Shawna Auntee wrote: "EEK, what happened to the other side of my brain? Shawna, not a fan of LMR???"

I know, I know! I guess we're not twins separated at birth after all. LOL! I'll take Melissa and your advice and try Midnight Man at some point.

Kathrynn Isn't the redhead a dancer on DWTS?

Auntee Thanks Brenda!

Kathrynn- yes, that's Anna from DWTS.:)

Auntee Shawna wrote: "Auntee wrote: "EEK, what happened to the other side of my brain? Shawna, not a fan of LMR???"

I know, I know! I guess we're not twins separated at birth after all. LOL! I'll take Melissa and your..."

We wouldn't steer you wrong, Shawna.:)

message 33: by Sam (new)

Sam what what what???shannon mckenna has a new book out?????where??????and LMrs refering to tht???temeeee

Auntee No, she doesn't have a new book out, but I think LMR was referring to Shannon McKenna's character of Tamara (Ultimate Weapon) in a scene about some jewelry one of the characters in "Hotter Than Wildfire" was wearing...

message 35: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz Is the writing style/plot similar to/better/worse than the Midnight Man series Auntee? I'm debating if I should get this or not. I read (I think) an RT that's it's an Avon Red publication and they usually have really good books in the line.

Auntee You know me, I'm a sucker for LMR! I'd say yes, it's similar in style to the Midnight series.
I was nuts for Harry!:)
But I think you should start with the first book, Into the Crossfire just to get everyone's background.

message 37: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz Ok, thanks for letting me know :)

Ragus Great review, Auntee!! I finished this one today and WOW ... I love, love, love LMR!! IMHO, she can write action scenes like no one else! I nearly rated this 3 stars because of Ellen's TSTL moments despite her musical and academic brilliance. Happy I kept reading because Harry (love your pics!!!) made this book happen for me! Very surprised to see who Mike 'rescues' in the next Protectors installment!!

Auntee Thanks Ragus! Harry...*swoon*

Yes, wasn't that a surprise ending?:)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Is this the series that the first book... Deadly something... wasn't very good?

message 41: by Auntee (last edited May 19, 2011 07:49AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Auntee No, the first book is Into the Crossfire and I liked it.:) But I'm a big LMR fan, so...

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Ok, thanks. I liked her Midnight Series. Is this similar?

Auntee All her books are similar (lol)!

message 44: by MBR (new) - rated it 4 stars

MBR Ooh any news on Mike's book? Just finished this one and wondering whether any of you have any updates on his story. Oh boy that is going to end up being something else. ;-)

Auntee It's really hard to get any LMR info. She has no website as LMR (but does have one as Elizabeth Jennings, but doesn't acknowledge her LMR alter-ego). All I know is this--Nightfire, coming January 2012.:(

message 46: by MBR (new) - rated it 4 stars

MBR Auntee wrote: "It's really hard to get any LMR info. She has no website as LMR (but does have one as Elizabeth Jennings, but doesn't acknowledge her LMR alter-ego). All I know is this--Nightfire..."

Mmm.. I know what you mean Auntee. Why doesn't she acknowledge that she writes as LMR? I love LMR books more than I love the EJ ones. *sigh* At least we have a title to go on!
Can't wait for Mike's book. Do let me know if you have any updates :)

Auntee Yes, she should embrace her LMR side!

I'll let you know if I hear anything...:)

MountainKat Great review! I should just put a link to it for my own! ; )

Auntee Thanks.:) You felt the same way, huh?

MountainKat Auntee wrote: "Thanks.:) You felt the same way, huh?"

About Harry? Absolutely! I just want to eat him up! With probably some licking and nibbling on the way....

Oh and I loved the book too!

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