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There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake
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Dec 26, 2014

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bookshelves: 3-star, read-2015, thriller-crime, young-adult, deafness, ya-without-romance

I have absolutely no idea how to review this. I found this frustrating, a little boring, but yet entirely addictive. Seriously, every time I put it down I just wanted to come back and finish it. But at the same time I felt 78% annoyed at it. What is this?! How do I review this?!

It's written in a very strange style. The dialogue is in italics instead of quotation marks. The narrator, Shelby, is so, so, so screamingly sarcastic. I hate saying this about characters, but I literally wanted to shake her and say JUST SHUT UP a few times. Now, I'm a sarcastic person myself. I usually adore books with sarcasm. But maybe here's was too dry? It irritated me. I did get used to it as the story progressed though.

Basically, the first 100-pages were torture. I was weirded out by no quotation marks, I felt the story was off, and I hated the negative images it was portraying. Like Shelby wasn't allowed to talk to anyone, have friends, go anywhere by herself. She was homeschooled. I got rather defensive because I thought it was making homeschooling (I did homeschool, btw). Then I thought it was making light of mental illness, which I figured Shelby's mother definitely suffered from. (Who doesn't let their kid talk to people?? Who never lets their kid go even for a walk without accompanying them??)

BUT THAT WAS THE PRELUDE, PEOPLE. THEN IT AAAAAALL STARTED TO MAKE SENSE. It was like being hit in the face. But nothing, literally NOTHING is as it seems.

Remember the title: THERE WILL BE LIES.

It's narrated by unreliable people. It's an unreliable story. It's written in a very raw style, stream-of-consciousness, and there's a huge reason there's no dialogue tags. I will put the reason in spoilers, because after I read it (and it doesn't come in till 120 or so pages) I actually started to enjoy the book and stop hating on it. Mild Spoiler --> (view spoiler)

My biggest annoyance, though, was the chapters that covered Shelby's 'dreaming'. It was pretty obvious to me why she was having the hallucinations, kind of dreams, about coyotes and crazy forests and crones and crying children. I was just SO uninterested. I think it dabbled in Native American mythology? Anyway. I was bored. Any chapters that skidded into her dreaming time, I just skimmed. I wish wish wish they'd been left out.

It's absolutely full of unreliable twists and turns. Like I said: could NOT stop thinking about it. It's addictive! I wanted more, but at the same time, just wanted to reach the end and be done already. GAh. You see how hard this is to review? Shelby grew on me and I got really invested in her life, her thought process, her decisions. The story is so intriguing and sad and a little scary. It doesn't make sense until the end. So whatever you do, no matter how much the beginning bugs you, DO NOT GIVE UP BEFORE THE END.

Ugh to the first half, but oh my GOSH to the second half.
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Cassie Oh my gosh I so completely understand!!!
And I think it's amusing that I am yet to see anyone who actually enjoyed the dreaming bits. I personally wasn't a fan either.
Although I did actually figure out (view spoiler)

C.G. Drews I was curious about the beginning when it mentioned (view spoiler)

Cassie Oh, I totally thought (view spoiler)

NicoleHasRead My phone won't show the spoilers, but I really enjoyed the book, but would have enjoyed it more without the dreaming, I think. I knew why the dialogue was as it was very early on, so it didn't bother me.

Brit McCarthy I just finished this too and I had a lot of trouble getting through the Dreaming chapters but I loved all the not-Dreaming stuff. I just couldn't deal with the Crone and the Coyote and all that, I was bored with it then!

C.G. Drews @Nic: SAME. Without the dreaming it would've been a 4 star book for me.

@Brit: Me toooo! I just wanted to get back to the insane mother and all the secrets and lies. o.O

Koolkobo I couldn't agree more! This was definitely, by far, the strangest, yet oddly intriguing book I have ever read!

C.G. Drews @Koolkobo: "strange yet oddly intriguing" is the PERFECT summary. XD

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