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The Lost City of Z by David Grann
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Jul 27, 2010

it was amazing
Recommended for: Those who are interested in mysteries, Fawcett's fate, and archelogy & anthropology

This book by David Grann would tell the story of Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett.

Who had been one of the last individualist explorers (A real life Indiana Jones) who was a formally a map surveyor for the British military had helped map most of the jungles of South America and explore new regions, but he became obsessed with an ancient lost citiy which according to Fawcett was grand as the ancient civilizations of the old and new world, but in the middle of the jungles of Brasil. This lost city he would call Z was perhaps the legendary El Dorado in which the Spaniards and Portuguese were obsessed about. but according the a colonial Brasilian account by an Bandierante expedition that in 1753 a large and ancient city was apparently discovered in the middle of the Brasilian jungle.

Manuscript 512 which it said: Relação histórica de uma occulta e grande povoação antiguissima sem moradores, que se descobriu no anno de 1753: "A historical account of a hidden and ancient great civilization that was discovered in the year of 1753"
Manuscrito 512:

This would fuel Fawcett's imagination and begin his obsession of a lost city in the middle of the jungle in which he devoted most of his life as an explorer in finding.

The story would now only tell about Fawcett's life and mysterious disappearance, but would also take place in the present time in which Grann would head off to Brasil to investigate and find out what became of Fawcett in which he would plunge into the jungle full of Native tribes some friendly other not so.

Liked the book very interesting material backed by scientific evidence, written memoirs left behind by Fawcett that depicted his life from the time he was born until his disappearance.

If you are interested in mysterious disappearances this book is for you!

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