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Fins Are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs
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Jul 27, 2010

liked it
Read from April 24 to 26, 2012

Liked it but had a bit of a 'middle book' feel to it

I loved the first book in the series Forgive My Fins unfortunately Fins Are Forever didn't live up to the ideals I had in my head. My rating reflects my opinion that this book had a 'middle book' feel about it.The fairy-tale parallel is still in place with the mermaid princess giving everything up for her human boyfriend. Although I did feel that the characters personalities were lacking from what they had been in Book 1, I really missed the banter between Lily and Quince, the romantic element was a little bit saccharine for my tastes.

The inclusion of Dosinia and her machinations against Lily took the plot in a completely different direction, I hated Dosinia with a passion, which is probably what was expected. Even as the story progresses and revelations are made regarding Dosinia's hatred of humans although I felt sorry for her I never really warmed to her in the slightest, even after the revelations and altered perspective to humans.

Tellin's addition to the list of characters added another dimension to the plot although I am not sure how I feel about him either. He puts duty first which is an admirable quality. However, there is something I do not trust about him at all. Actions at the end of the book did not really fit with the characters personalities that have been seen til now. I honestly would have liked to have seen this aspect handled differently and am hoping that book 3 will bring the cute story I loved back to the forefront.

The main theme of the book debates whether humans can co-exist peacefully with other species or would the need for humans to dominate other species take precedence. Scientific experiment alongside climate change and its affect on the worlds oceans and weather fronts are all touched upon within the narrative, giving far more depth to the story-line. This is one of the things I would really like to see expanded in the third book, less Dosinia please.

Although I was a little disappointed with this book I am definitely going to continue with the series and I am hoping to fall in love with Quince and Lily again. As well as unravel the mysteries behind Dosinia and Tellin. Bring on Just For Fins [ : D ]

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