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Beyond Blood by Sharon A. Crawford
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Dana Bowman, a security guard at Thurston’s Mini-Mall, is spending her day off at the very same mall when a kidnap occurs. Jimmie, the abducted child, was supposed to be supervised by 19-old Debbie, a friend of Dana’s family. This crime follows two others, also perpetrated at a shopping centre.
The police are called in, and an investigation starts under the supervision of Sergeant Donald Fielding.
Soon after Dana and her brother Sebastian—Bast for short—organize a party for the opening of The Attic Investigative Agency, a branch of the prestigious Lawrence and Orley Company that they will manage together.
As the party proceeds, David, Dana’s 7-year old son, is kidnapped and Debbie is found prone in a puddle of blood, a knife plunged in her back.
Major Crimes is immediately on the scene, looking for clues, interrogating the people present at the open house, gathering objects possibly related to Debbie’s murder or David’s abduction.
A young guy, wearing a T-shirt, denim cut-offs and black cap, wanders in the streets, convinced that the presence of a child—a “bad child” to be precise--could wipe out the curse cast upon him at childhood.
A full spectrum of characters gravitates around Dana and Bast. The latter, before joining his sister as a private investigator, was a crime reporter and, therefore, is quite familiar with police procedures and criminal behaviour. There is a neighbor who kills racoons; the owner of a shop at the Mini-Mall who burglarizes houses; Debbie’s ex-boyfriend who is linked to a pharmacy dealing with birth control meds; an old acquaintance Bast had once interviewed; an attractive lawyer; Dana’s ex-husband; an ‘aunt Doris’ who is more a pain than a help; a corrupted cop…and more.
Dana is restless as she tirelessly follows even the smallest clue that can lead to her son; to help her relax, one day severe-looking Sergeant Fielding takes her onto his sailboat for a boat ride. The knowledge she acquires in this trip will turn out to be precious.
Mother’s love, madness, greed, conflict, and action are all combined to keep the reader turning one page after the other.
The dialogue is vivid, bringing to life each character in a unique way.

Written by Rene Natan,
Nominee, the 2015 Global Ebook Awards for The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton
Honorable Mention, 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, for Fleeting Visions
First place, 2012 Five Star Dragonfly Award for the Blackpox Threat
Finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for the Blackpox Threat
Honorary Mention, 2012 San Francisco Book Competition for the Bricklayer

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