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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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Jul 25, 2010

really liked it
Read from July 25 to 29, 2010

well, what an interesting book!
one of those books you've "just got to read coz i've heard so much about it"....
i've heard a couple of good suggestions about the book, and a whole lot more bad reviews of it.
therefore, a must - read, see?

as far as reading a book go, the language at times was terribly hard to read, all scientific words and this name of that dude who did such and such, and the other name of some other famous dude who says what not.
i found it a struggle to read these parts - it felt heavy and super - hard - lesson - at - school - like. i began to skip the names and formalities, and just read the "juicy" bits.
although it makes it sound fancy enough and proves certain points, the big words used also made it hard and heavy to read.

as far as content of the book goes, well i guess that's the "interesting" part....
for a religion - doubting, questioning mind like my own, the claims and suggestions (ideas and facts?) that richard dawkins puts forth are definitely interesting and conciousness raising.

i don't know if a definitive answer on such a rousing topic could ever fully be found or fully satify EVERYONE, but i DO think that richard dawkins gives a fair go of writing a book about the topic.

i liked the way the author used examples for most points, examples that are extensive and beleivable enough to make sense, at least to my enquiring, non - scientific mind.

all in all a good read once i flicked through the jargon.

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