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The Boleyn King by Laura Andersen
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April 2016:

DNF at pg.148

Yep. I tried it again.

There are things I can overlook. Such as the writing. It was a bit dull, but honestly not the worst thing I've ever read in my life. The characters, too. I can look some of their things over as well. Minuette was such a Mary-Sue that it wasn't even funny, but I could put up with her. She wasn't a boring Mary-Sue like Bella Swan.

However, there were just things I couldn't look over one bit.

1. Marie de Medici. I know. I ranted about that in my first time through, but it still stands. You got Henri right and you even got his mistress, Diane de Poitiers correct. But how could you miss his wife? That's just so simple. I figured it out from a freaking Wiki search just to make sure my suspicions were correct. Even more, I searched deeper on Wiki and found that Catherine de Medici didn't even have a sister or anything with that name. So, really bad error.

2. The pacing. It was basically nonexistent. I had read about 100 pages of the same shit. Elizabeth pining over Robert Dudley. William being pissed about something. Dominic missing Minuette and being upset about being a pawn. Minuette doing something that's apparently a big deal. So boring. I couldn't do it.

3. Another historical inaccuracy. I'm not sure what Dominic meant when he said that Henry VIII became king at 10, but that's wrong. Sure, his brother died when he was 10, but that just means he became the Prince of Wales, next in line to be king. It just didn't make sense whatsoever, so I'm not sure what the author was going for with that one.

4. Attempted rape scene. Seriously? I got the guy's character from what he said. I didn't need to get that he's apparently really bad because he's almost a rapist. I hate it when authors put their characters in that situation, so that one is the savior and is automatically a good person. It's stupid and absolutely petty. There are other ways to make a character likable or hateable. (Pretty sure I just made that word up.)

And, it just sucks because this book has a lot of shit going for it. The author put that it would end up with Elizabeth as queen, so there has to be an obvious break between William and Elizabeth, then the factions and scrambling for the crown. I mean, that shit is fascinating. Then, there's that love triangle between William, Dominic, and Minuette. William and Dominic are basically Henry VIII and Charles Brandon, so that would be fascinating to watch play out; men who are basically brothers falling apart. You know? Then, obviously, the other players in court.

Mary Tudor, Elizabeth and William's half-sister. Since it's 1553 (the year she became queen in real history) it would have been so cool to have some uprising or some more of a Spanish plot. It's no good to highlight some other plot and then never do anything.

What about the people who were executed along with Anne Boleyn in real history? Henry Norris was right hand man to the king, after all. Where was he? Or William Brereton? Or Mark Smeaton? I mean, come on. Where were they? Also, what about the Seymours? They wouldn't have just died quietly into the night.

The second book in this series advertises itself as something for people who love Philippa Gregory, Showtime's "The Tudors", and Alison Weir. I'm going to examine this. Philippa Gregory and "The Tudors" is apt because they are both terribly historically inaccurate, and this book can't even get simple facts straight, so who knows what else would get fucked up in the future with Mary, Queen of Scots or anyone else who was an important player. However, Philippa Gregory and "The Tudors" make history interesting. "The Tudors" is what first got me interested in this era. It's what made me keep reading about these people and it became a passion for me. Philippa Gregory, while she is historically inaccurate and has pissed me off in the past, still knows how to pump out a good, interesting, fast-paced novel. This book is neither of those things.

And, do not say Alison Weir is like this. She is lovely and beautiful and I wish I liked her fiction novels more, but she actually uses history to make it interesting.

So, just pass this one. Please remind me to never try reading this one ever again.

January 2015: I couldn't do it. My first DNF of 2015. I mean, the writing's good and engaging. The author somewhat knows her history. Somewhat because there's a blatant mistake on which Henri we're dealing with right now. With Diane de Poitiers mentioned, it's Henri II. That means it's not Marie de Medici -- the wife of Henri IV -- but Catherine. Besides that, I really just wasn't into the history. Minuette kept annoying me. William was the most interesting character; I would have liked to hear about his pretend reign. Dominic just seemed a ridiculous name for an Englishman in that time, especially with his name Dominic Courtenay. That's a famous name of the last Plantagenet, but oh well. Dom just was flat. I didn't care about him harboring an affection for Minuette, another ridiculous name. I don't like Stephenie Meyer nor do I like Phillipa Gregory, so this wasn't for me. It was a romance vaguely veiled as historical fiction.
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5.31% ""Your father wasn't ten years old when he became king."\n \n 1. If she's talking about when his brother, Arthur, died that's wrong. Henry was almost 11 when his brother died.\n \n 2. Henry was almost 18 when his father, Henry VII, died.\n \n Either way, the author's wrong."
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5.59% "Also, while Courtenay is a Tudor family, there is no such person as Dominic Courtenay."
April 22, 2016 –
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6.42% "Another question: What happened to Mary Tudor. Katherine of Aragon's daughter. Since it's 1553, and assuming that we're on the same timeline just slightly altered, she's still alive. And, would likely have a huge faction for herself."
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6.98% "William takes after his father in more ways than his "generosity"."
April 22, 2016 –
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12.01% "I'm sure I mentioned it in my first attempt at this book, but an attempted rape scene? Yeah, not needed. I got Giles' character enough from his words, and it's just lame putting Dominic in this savior position when it was more than enough with that really personal necklace he gave Minuette."
April 22, 2016 –
page 44
12.29% ""Promise me, William, that you won't force me to marry against my wishes."\n \n His right hand came up to cup her chin. "I promise."\n \n Now, will he be like his father was to his sister Mary and decline he ever promised that, or will he honestly allow her to marry whomever she wishes?"
April 22, 2016 –
page 48
13.41% "Let's see what we have going for this book thus far:\n \n 1. An obvious faction between William and Elizabeth for the crown.\n 2. Love triangle between Minuette, William, and Dominic.\n 3. A future rift between William and Dominic. (This is just a prediction.)\n 4. A murder mystery."
April 22, 2016 –
page 73
20.39% ""I think there is no secret that the four of us cannot discover."\n \n Until William and Elizabeth part, and William and Dominic fall for Minuette, and there's some rift between Minuette and Elizabeth."
April 22, 2016 –
page 97
27.09% "Where are the people who weren't killed by Henry in his campaign to get rid of Anne? Like, Henry Norris? It's just weird that they aren't there."
April 22, 2016 –
page 107
29.89% "Did Thomas Seymour marry Katherine Parr? No Henry getting in the way of his plans."
April 22, 2016 –
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32.68% "Still pissed off about the Marie de Medici thing."
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Alaina I wanted to start reading this today. It was a Christmas gift. I put it in my closet now I can't find it -_-

Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his) Well, hopefully you like it better than I did!

message 3: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Dillard Your reviews slay me. Thanks for adding me as a friend on here so they pop up in my feed, haha.

Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his) I feel that all you see are my scathing reviews. I promise that I write nice ones as well! But, any time. I like being good for a laugh.

message 5: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Dillard No, you wrote a really nice one for Catherine Carey in a Nutshell! I just enjoy reading your perspective. You are not afraid to say out loud the things that we all think when we read something we don't care for. That's a good thing!

Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his) Well, Catherine Carey in a Nutshell was fantastic. Concise, informative, and interesting. I read a quote somewhere on a person's profile that said: “If you want to write a negative review, don't tickle me gently with your aesthetic displeasure about my work. Unleash the goddamn Kraken." And, I obviously took it to heart.

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