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Hooked by Nir Eyal
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really liked it

I'll start with a complaint because I want to get my grumpiness out of the way before I take it out on someone at work. This book should have been 50% as long as it is. Perhaps even shorter. Do authors seriously think that more words is the same as getting your point across? In all fairness, there were synopses at appropriate places in the book, so you could skip any nonsense and go through just salient points. Despite that, the book should have been way shorter. Take a star off. There. I feel better already.

Having gotten that out of the way, the Hook model described in the book is very useful. Hooking a user has four elements:
1. Trigger: What is the itch that the user needs to scratch
2. Action: What is she going to do next?
3. Variable reward: What is she going to get for it? Is she satisfied yet wanting more?
4. Investment: The more work and time the user invests, the more she will keep coming back to it.

There is a lot more in this book about different types of triggers, variable rewards and investments. The book also has some useful nuggets about product testing or habit testing. Above all, the most important part of the book is the sections that ask you to evaluate the products you are building now. That somehow drove home the message far more effectively than anything else in the book. Perhaps that's just my learning style - learn by doing.

There are a number of jobs/roles in which I could have used the lessons from this book. Overall, 4 stars for how much this book is going to help me hone products and technology over time.

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