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Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
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Jul 24, 2010

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** I knew Jenny was some sort of celebrity, but I didn't realize she was a former Playmate until I was mostly through the book. Perhaps if I had, I would have more realistic expectations.

She comes across as a spoiled brat, and I suppose this book might make pregnant ladies feel better because she's so much worse than I can imagine most normal people being (one of my main reactions was "Wow, I'm glad I didn't have it that bad!") but overall she seems pathetic rather than funny.

2 specific stories come to mind:

She refuses to use the bathroom before leaving home on a short drive to a friend's house (though her husband reminds her, apparently being more acquainted with her body and her needs than she is). Shortly into the drive, she decides she has a major emergency "gotta go", and he puts the pedal to the metal. As they approach their destination, she feels he is overly distracted by passing scenery and not going fast enough, so she starts haranguing him and starts a major argument. He incredulously stops the car, so in a fit of pique she jumps out, squats in the gutter and pees on the side of the road.

On another occasion, they were watching some reality show on TV that for some reason introduced Playmates and water into the situation (I think they had swimsuits on under their clothes and hot tubs or a water fight appeared as a surprise). She doesn't object to Playmates (in fact, she's decided she doesn't feel like sex anymore since her body isn't as perfect as it used to be, and has been referring him to his "girlie magazines". For the entire pregnancy.) but for some reason the sight of her former colleagues brings on rage-inducing body image issues. He objects to her sudden demand to change the channel, so she throws something across the room and breaks it. (I can't remember the details, whether she threw the remote and broke it, or threw the remote at the TV, or broke the TV, but there was throwing and breakage).

The book continues in the same vein, she thinks she's frank, earthy and funny, I think she needs to get over herself and her body issues, but either way I can't recommend it. To anyone.

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