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The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust
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Jul 23, 2010

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message 1: by seak (new) - added it

seak Really looking forward to your thoughts on this one. I like Brust, at least the one book I've read of his (Agyar), and I keep seeing this at the used book store, but I don't know whether to pick it up.

message 2: by Bastard (new) - added it

Bastard You know, you should just because it has quite a unique narrative and sense of humor and dialogue. Like there's a lameness to the jokes that makes it quite good. I haven't gotten far into it because it's not a book that just make me want to read it, but there's a charm to it. Plus I've been leaving it at work to read once a in a while.

Don't know what Agyar is though. Athyra maybe?

The Vlat Taltos series overall is an up and down one, but I really enjoy the narrating voice, and I like Brust as a writer. He's not afraid to mix it up with different styles with makes you appreciate his talent.

Now, I won't promise you that The Phoenix Guards it's good, since I really don't know who the heck I would recommend it to, to tell the truth, but I think it's worth looking into. Dragaera is certainly an interesting world.

message 3: by seak (last edited Sep 02, 2011 07:32PM) (new) - added it

seak I have a pretty lame sense of humor, this is probably good for me.

Here's Agyar. Although don't read too much about it cause it might ruin it. It's kind of a weird story.

message 4: by Bastard (new) - added it

Bastard Ok, will keep it in mind. By the way, this book is in no way representative of the Vlad Taltos series. Vlad Taltos, although based on an epic fantasy world, has more in common with the narrative of Dresden Files. I know you haven't gotten far into it, but it should give you an idea of the narrator.

message 5: by seak (new) - added it

seak Sounds good. I own a copy of the first Vlad book. I should really read it already, it's not that long.

message 6: by Bastard (new) - added it

Bastard Read them in publication order, but have a chronological order of books at hand so you know when book events happen from book to book.

message 7: by seak (new) - added it

seak Good to know. Does SFFWorld have a list?

message 8: by Bastard (new) - added it

Bastard I posted it somewhere I think, I think it was in one of those post what you're reading threads. should be helpful, but has a ton of spoilers so browse only what necessary.

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