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Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf
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Jul 22, 2010

liked it

I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the whole "enemies forced together but love conquers all" theme but I seriously spent half the book rolling my eyes at it and the other half making moon eyes at Creed. What a spectacular vampire. At 900 years old can you imagine the kind of "experience" he has and everything he could teach a lover of romance? I had such HIGH hopes for him and "those" scenes I did read had me wanting to stand up and applaud his efforts. He was a really strong character and a pleasure to read. Blu was sassy and opinionated and was the perfect balance for Creed. I loved how she had a wig for every occasion and the green one she wore for her wedding. It was such a funny image to imagine a defiant werewolf princess walking down the aisle to her also reluctant future husband, a vision of beauty except for her hair!! I loved reading how they tested each other, Blu pushing Creed's buttons only to find herself rapidly falling in love with him. The ending scenes broke my heart and gave me goosebumps, Creeds sacrifice for Blu the stuff made of legends. There was a SUPER hot hot hot scene (well I thought it was) where Blu asked Creed to feed and she watched him doing it. I didn't realize what a vamp lover I was until I read it and it had me thinking of all the "fun" things I could show my hubby. (don't you just love how some books inspire you?) However, what stopped this book from being fabulous and a full blown rant was how as the book progressed, Blue and Creed got cheesier and cheesier. My gosh, there were times were it was so thick, I was reaching for the cupboards looking for crackers. You can't maintain the image of a smoking hot vampire when he's spouting "oh I love you so much my beautiful love muffin" every few pages. By the end of the book my heart was pounding from the excitement, eyes were wet and nose dripping from crying and my head was killing me from the almost constant eye rolling. I say read it - it was good, there was ALOT of sex (if thats what you like and what I did read was STEAMY) and if worse comes to worse, you'll give your eyes a great work out.


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