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Shatterpoint by Matthew Woodring Stover
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Jul 22, 2010

it was ok

This novel is basically "Apocalypse Now" or "Heart of Darkness" set in the Star Wars universe.
The hero is Mace Windu (a.k.a. Samuel L. Jackson). His quest: to find his former Padawan, Depa Billaba, whom it seems has gone mad in the horrifying jungle of Mace Windu's homeworld.
It's not a bad set-up. And the beginning and the end are pretty good as well. But the middle is huge and weighty and repetitive.
In my opinion, this book would have benefitted from being half as long and the author being a bit less serious.
I get that the jungle of Haruun Kal is a brutal and scary place...in Star Wars terms, filled with the dark side...and how that sort of thing can effect the mind of even a Jedi Master. But the same themes come up over and over again, beating the reader down.
Also, some of the battle scenes go on for far too long and are very complicated to read. It seems the author revels in such things, but the reader needs to be able to follow along.

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