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The Vampire's Warden by S.J. Wright
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So from the title the book is clearly a paranormal/fantasy genre and this book is generally not a bad read. I am not in love with this book, it wasn't a quick read I suppose but I did break this book down by getting to chapter 5 before bed and finishing this book in the morning within an hour I would say. It isn't a long drawn out read which I liked but I think maybe a little fast, often paranormal reads are though. In no way is this book hard to follow unless you're bored which it was a little. I found it slightly annoying how everything is just not explained fully and its a ploy in my opinion to get you to get the next book. Annoying yes but effective - completely.

Now the setting of this book is of course an old run down town and the actual place she lives is a distant farm house or ranch I suppose it is better known for. The feel this book first gave me was it was set in the past about 1800's and I'm not too sure why perhaps the old fashions house keeper and old wild west feel that this book gives me. With a family doctor visiting you to give you you're father's last possessions and such. That threw me majorly, and it actually made me disappointed because I wouldn't have minded the book being set in the past like that it may have made it more interesting. However it isn't (apparently) and it is set in modern day give or take a few years from this review of course.

The writing isn't bad, I'm not overally fussed with it. It didn't make me imagine the scene any less or more. I'm fairly good at imagining my own scene if one is lacking. Lets just say I didn't notice anything wild and amazing nor anything that bad. I wasn't sat there picking out bad punctuation or bad grammar so I'd say the writing is pretty okay. The vocab in which everything is described is just that okay, I think for me to be completely confused for the first 5 chapters on which era this is set in explains quite a bit...

Events or rather lack of events are both told to us, meaning the author in my opinion doesn't really describe it very well or leads up to it all that great. It just kind of happens and that is it. Then again nothing is explained in this book so that isn't that suprising. One thing that did bother me is how violent Sarah is, there are scenes where she just punches people and I'm not altogether sure why? If I maybe missed something. Maybe heavy editing on this book edited out too much... Sarah is okay, I actually sort of like her, I like her sass with her ex and the fact she isn't perfect. She has a temper which you see (the punching thing is odd, I confess) but she doesn't take much crap from anybody which is nice. There is also no instant love in this first book, its only 200 pages guys so give the author time...

I'm not that bothered about what happens to the characters if I'm honest, I'm curious about the things we don't know about. Questions like why is Sarah a Warden and things surrounding that which I won't say for spoilers. I want to know about what happens next but I'm also not that fussed if Sarah gets hit my lightning either. I don't like her or dislike her, she was just the story teller and that is pretty much it. I hope the author does improve the next book to show the scene, to make us understand what is going on and why its going on as at the moment nothing seems to be happening?


Good Points
- Some action (kind of)
- Mystery
- No Instant love connections, but there are connections

Not so good points
- Very short
- The action isn't that good
- Slightly predictable
- Going to be a love triangle, my bones can feel it...
- Nothing is explained
- God damn predictable cliffhanger ending.
- She doesn't read the journal that apparently details what she is mean't to do. Wonders why she doesn't know what to do. But instantly knows how vampires work.
- Where is the detainee for the book? He's in it about 10 pages and barely then.

3 Stars, will maybe read the next book (if there is one) but I am unsure.
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