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Lies Unspoken by Lisa De Jong
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really liked it


*4.5 Stars*

“When I fall, I fall quickly. Love doesn’t come with a parachute; I learned that the hard way.”

Lila always dreamed of one day marrying the man of her dreams. And when she met Derek in high school she thought he would be that guy. Eventually they got engaged but one day Derek decided he didn’t see Lila as his happily ever after and broke off the engagement.

“A fresh start. A new beginning. A life I’m creating for myself.”

Now Lila is moving to Chicago to get away and start new. Her old college roommate, Mallory, has offered for Lila to live at her apt. while she’s studying abroad. As luck shall have it she runs into a successful businessman, Pierce Stanley, on the plane. He offers her a position at his company, which is exactly what she’s always wanted to do with her life. They exchange numbers but at first Lila dismisses it due to lack of confidence.

“I give it one month.”

“One month for what?”

“Before you sleep with him.”

Funny thing about Mallory…she failed to mention Lila would be living with her brother, Blake! At first Blake was a bit of a jerk to Lila. He was rude and closed off but you could tell there was definitely an attraction there. Once he realizes he can’t fight it anymore he tells her he can do the friends with benefits thing but can’t give her anything more. Lila thinks she can handle this because she really doesn’t want to jump into anything either. Neither of them lets the other in on what happened in their pasts. But we all know that pasts, secrets AND friends with benefits can only last for so long before someone gets caught in the crossfire.

“I only have one rule.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t hurt me.”

For the time being, Lila gets a job at a questionable bar, that is until Pierce calls reminding her of his offer. Eventually Lila decides to take him up on it. Of course, Pierce offering Lila a job wasn’t his only intentions. Pierce is everything Lila should want and not just because he’s handsome and wealthy, but because underneath it all he truly is a good guy looking to take care of the right girl.

“We all have a story. The more we let people know, the better they understand us.”

Have I mentioned Blake and Pierce know each other? Oh yes they do! And they hate each other! Remember me mentioning something about pasts and secrets? Um yeah…and it’s pretty big! Lila knows who she should be with but she also knows who she wants. But with Blake offering her so little… is it more work than it’s worth? Both men are holding back something vital and once Lila finds out what it is, it could change everything. But for which man?

“Sorry…Maybe you’re just not meant to be.”

“Maybe we’re not.”

Whenever you have a love triangle you know there’s going to be angst and when there’s angst I’m right there waiting to eat it up! The only thing holding me back from giving this a full 5 stars is that I just needed a little bit more between Lila and Blake in the beginning. I felt like he was a complete jerk one minute and all of a sudden they were banging and she was falling for him. I just needed to see a little bit more of his softer side with her and see what made her fall for him besides the sex. With that being said, as I continued to read I could totally feel the chemistry between these two and I am 100% TEAM BLAKE!! She definitely yearned for Blake. I didn’t get that feeling with Pierce. He seems like a nice guy but just NOT for her! I feel like if she ends up with Pierce she’d just be settling. LISA…PLEASE DO NOT LET HER END UP WITH PIERCE!!! GAH!!! Now I am sitting here impatiently waiting for book 2!

“And then one day I realized I might be wrong…about everything.”
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