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A Separate Peace by John Knowles
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Jul 20, 2010

6. Sometimes when we read, certain words or phrase or images stand out. Maybe they are words or phrases that make an impression because of their sound, or maybe the meaning or image they may strikes us? Sometimes we find words or expressions we just do not understand. Share those that you have come across and describe why you list them?
There are some things that I really feel impressive when reading this story:
“I felt fear’s echo”
“Fearful sites”
“I felt myself becoming isolated from everything except the river and the few trees beside it.”
Those details make me feel that Gene, the main character of this story, was a person that cannot forgive himself for the death of Finny, his friend. Although Finny died of falling down of stairs, he thought Finny would not death easily and quickly like that. He had made Finny hurt in both mental and physical by making Finny fallen from the tree. And he thought that may affect badly Finny in the second falling. Despite it passed for a long time, he still remembered everything like where it happened, why it happened, and in his mind there are some echo which made him felt so fear and guilty. Actually, no one could image how his state of mind was in this situation when he saw the old places with inconsolable grief memories. He though his fault was the indirect cause of the death of Finny.
12. Are you puzzled or confused about anything in the story? What is it that confuses you and why do you find it confusing?
There are two things that I am confused in the story such as Gene’s action that made his Finny hurt and why Gene join in the navy. Firstly, I wonder why Gene did make Finny falling from the tree. If he did not like Finny any more, he would have moved to another place (they were roommates). Or he still found that Finny was a good friend and he just did not like the strong personality of Finny; or he just wanted to prove himself. The second thing is why he wanted to join in the Army and the Navy while he talked to Finny that Finny “what good are you in a war with a busted leg!” And after that Gene said he never killed anybody in the end of the story, so if he did not want to kill others, why he join in the army. There are still a lot of thing he can do for his country in the war.


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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam Stein Check plus! Sounds like quite a sad story, though!!

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