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Dieux du Stade by Tony Duran
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Jul 19, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: nf-art, nf-photography

This is an absolutely gorgeous coffee-table size book featuring black and white photography by Tony Duran, of the Paris rugby team, nude. This is the sort of book that could never have been made in the US; I can't imagine any American professional sports team doing something like this. The French are up for it, though, and the results are fantastic.

The models are professional athletes, not actors or models. Mr. Duran said he used his own background in sports to put on a coach persona, rather than the photographer persona he usually uses for fashion shoots, to forge a connection and get what he wanted out of the athletes. He obviously figured out how to communicate with these men and brought out their natural artistry.

There's some full frontal nudity, but that wasn't really the point, I don't think. What makes this book so much better than the millions of gay porn photos available for free all over the web (and worth paying for, when there are millions of gay porn photos available for free all over the web) is the professional polish Duran brings to his photographs -- the lighting, the settings, the restrained use of props, the over all composition of each shot.

The men in this book are strong, fit and studly. Tony Duran made them beautiful, made them art. This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.
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Angela Benedetti Ines wrote: "I totally agree with you. It is real art, it is tasteful. As I said earlier in another comment, the players are ok with the not-so-straight pics. After all, the Mayor of Paris B. Delanoe, is gay an..."

I think Europe in general -- at least, Western Europe -- is a generation or two ahead of the US in attitudes toward homosexuality. It's unfortunate, but there you go; I can only hope that more Americans will soon realize that what other consenting adults do in their bedrooms (or their living rooms, or their kitchens, or their fenced yards [cough:]) is no one else's business, and nothing to give or withhold brownie points for. :/

There's still a strong viewpoint in this country saying that gay men are weaker or less masculine than straight men, though. It's garbage, but a lot of people believe it for whatever reason. Until that goes away, I can't imagine, say, a team of American football players posing for this kind of photo shoot. Which is really unfortunate. :)

message 2: by Elvia (new)

Elvia I'm a major fan of Tony Duran's work; he basically is the Helmut Newton for males.

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