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Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
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Jul 19, 2010

bookshelves: werewolves-adult

Mercy Thompson is Briggs’ enigmatic and charmingly contrary skinwalker--a native, natural coyote shifter rather a virus-borne werewolf. Raised by the ruler of the werewolves, and loved by the local pack alpha, one would think she's safe. But what kind of a story would that be? In Bone Crossed, the area vampire queen, Marsillia, has discovered that Mercy killed two of her followers and in turn is trying to kill her, permanently. In a brutal first move, she drains Mercy's vampire friend Stefan and drops him into Mercy's lap, waiting for him to do the killing for her. But the depth of Marsillia's cruelty doesn't end there.
Bone Crossed takes a wicked look at the vampires other series are painting as sexy, but ultimately benign fanged creatures. Briggs' vampires are malicious, sinister immortals who only have quests for power and socio-political manipulations to pass the time.
Another popular series, Briggs' Mercy Thompson books are essential to a good modern paranormal collection, not just because of their reader base, but because Briggs gives a good, solid entertaining read every time.
Contains: violence, language, sex

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