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Sure Fire by Jack Higgins
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Jul 19, 2010

really liked it

When I remembered that this was the author who wrote The Eagle Has Landed, I was immediately excited that he, Jack Higgins, had decided to venture into young adult literature. I was forced to read "the Eagle has Landed" over Christmas break last year for school, but I loved it.

Now that Jack Higgins has perhaps toned down, I think he made quite an effort, with the help of Justin Richards, to make an entertaining young adult action book.

Sure Fire follows Jade and Rich, two twins who recently lost their mother in a car accident. A mysterious man, who they quickly discover is their father, comes to unwillingly collect them. After a few twists and turns, it turns out their father's a spy, and Jade and Rich get tangled in quite an interesting espionage game between British agents and executive business giants in a foreign country.

If you've read any other Jack Higgins novel before, you will easily recognize his style of how action and adventure, suspense etc. is carried out, however in a bit more toned down fashion, as in you can also easily tell that violence and language is kept to a minimum to keep within young adult genres. This does not, however, mean it's a bad book.

If you've never read Jack Higgins' work, as a young reader this may easily get you hooked onto his adult fiction. It's still quite action filled and entertaining. And the fact that these books have been extended into a series makes me still want to read on.

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