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The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
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** spoiler alert ** 3.5 stars. I was slightly disappointed in this one, both as the ending to the trilogy and as a stand alone.

What I didn't like:
It was too long.
It was too descriptive.
Not enough action.
Gemma's attitude of holding off on the alliance for so long that things got out of control.
Kartik - so sad!
The fact that Circe was so feared and hated in the first two books, but then ended up being sort of a friend to Gemma and not the powerful force that she was built up to be.
And the always undefined and changing rules of the realms and of the magic that frankly seemed like they were used only to propel the plot.

What I did like:
Although it did have far too much description, the descriptions themselves were beautiful.
The surprise between Pippa and Felicity if only for the sheer fact that it was totally unexpected.
The fact that the magic went back to the land.
That Pippa finally got what was coming to her.
And that Ann and Felicity were able to fulfill their wishes for their life and futures.

I listened to the book and I'm glad that I did, because I don't think I would have had the patience to actually sit there and read 800+ pages. I was extremely sad that Kartik ended up entombed in the realms - could he ever come back?? I'm sure he could if another novel was written....I know the ending was both sad and hopeful, but I really would have liked to see Gemma take more control as a sorceress and of course fulfill her love story with Kartik. First two were much better than the third.

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04/07/2009 page 5
0.61% "actually disc 5, hearing it makes a difference, but it is getting quite long and I'm waiting for the action...."
04/10/2009 page 8
0.98% "Disc 8, still no action, lots of speculation, clues, and descriptions...."
04/14/2009 page 10
1.22% "Disc 10, a bit more action, but I'm getting restless with all these clues, what do they mean????"
04/22/2009 page 13
1.59% "Disc 13, finally some action and some answers...."
04/28/2009 page 16
1.95% "Disc 16, winding down, so sad though...."

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