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Merely Married by Patricia Coughlin
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Jul 19, 2010

it was ok

I wasn't expecting too much out of this book, so I was very much surprised when I found that I was hooked from the first paragraph.

The author has a fantastic ability to characterise, and despite being written in the third person, Adrian's voice got straight into my head. He is portrayed as the standard rakish rogue, and the opening scenes in which we find him establish his character for most of the rest of the novel.

As for Leah, she is a wonderful heroine. Stubborn, but without being unbearably so, and with an intelligence and wit to match Adrian's. She, like Adrian, has her own agenda and seems to be the perfect counterpart, antagonist and eventual lover to him.

None of this would've been discovered though, had not these two been forced together in a marital situation that neither of them are happy with, and the rest of the story follows the amusing consequences of this marriage.

The author also intersperses the story with wit and comedy in the form of Adrian's two friends, and in the dialogue exchanges between him and Leah. However, it is clear that Adrian's friends serve no other purpose here than to provide comic relief for the sexual tension between Leah and Adrian, which is a shame as they definitely had potential to take more active roles towards the end.

I wasn't convinced by the end of the novel though, which is why I'm giving this book three stars. The ironic twist was far too convoluted and unbelievable for my liking, and in my opinion, the novel would've worked much better without it. The actual ending, although sweet, did lack the power that had been driving the story forwards from page one.
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