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Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf
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it was amazing



I swear, I'll try being coherent, I'll even try explaining you the magnificence of this book!


I reach out for his hand, my own trembling. His fingers look so long and slender, and gentle. They feel smooth, and warm. I take hold of a few of them, like they're a lifeline. A raft in the sea. A rope in a deep hole.
“You smell good,” I say. “And you’re fun to pick on. And I like your mom. You’re smart. Kind of dumb, but also kind of smart. I had fun. With the war. And the kiss. And the date. And you called me beautiful and it was nice. So even if we never battle again, even if you hate me forever for saying I like you, thank you."

I stumbled upon this book (seriously, I didn't even know I had it) because I was looking for something really good, funny, heart-stopping and all that stuff. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Oh my, I completely lost track of the time and it was absolutely awesome. This book is a freaking amazing page-turner and you people should know what I'm talking about, so make some changes in your schedule and go read it. RIGHT NOW.
I feel so damn euphoric, it's like Isis infected me with her craziness.

This girl, guys. This girl cracked me up. The way she talked to people and everything she did made me laugh so hard. She's that amazing. My new fav character. I just loved everything about her. Honestly.
She's so tough on the outside, but so vulnerable on the inside.
While reading her story I thought of what they say, you know, about hilarious people. Maybe they had a sad past and they experienced something big, so they try their best to forget about that, smile all the time, make other people smile, and go on. That is what Isis is. She says a lot of crazy, funny things, always blabbering about someone's poop, throwing dog poop at Jack's car. BUT. She's broken, and keeps trying to fix people around her.

At East Summit High Isis is the "New Girl", nobody knows her but she's a tornado, and soon draws everybody's attention. She lost her trust in people when Nameless hurt her but that didn't stop her. We get to know her past and the whole thing behind Nameless' story towards the end of the book. And then you just stop laughing, your heart stops beating for a sec, cry a little, and you don't know whether you're misinterpreting the truth or not.

I'm not empty. I'm still a person. I cried over a bad thing that happened in my life, but I probably shouldn't have.

I've kept it inside this long.
I can do it for a lot longer.
Because I'm strong. Because I'm Isis Blake.

He's the Ice Prince of ESH. He doesn't talk to people. They're just annoying, meaningless, stupid living things to him. When he hurts Kayla's feeling, Isis gets so mad she starts a very competitive (and oh so fun!) war with him. He's arrogant and impossible, and I swear, YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THEIR CONVERSATIONS.

This book doesn't stand out from the others for its originality. I mean, a girl with a trauma who changes to start over and meets this hot, rude guy? But the thing is the author deals with all these clichés with an amazing humor that makes you laugh your lungs out... these crazy people you'll inevitably fall in love with... I MEAN, I READ ALL THE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS! THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!

And Jack... he's asdfghjkl and I love the way he talks to Isis, the way they think to hate each other. He's such an asshole at the beginning, but whatever.
And ---- SPOILER ---- he's an escort.
Oh, and that cliffhanger is unthinkable.

"I cannot, for the life of me, remember what we were just conversing about! Alas. I will forever remember this time we spent together affectionately and oh god I remember now you pervert!”
“You were the one who shouted ‘sex’!” He hisses.
“You were the one who was born, so really I think that’s the root of the problem."
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34.0% ""Golly gee, it looks kind of mildly fucking embarassing! No wonder people at school have been talking about it for weeks now. Golly gee!"\n "Stop saying golly gee."\n "Tallyho, chaps!"\n "Stop saying things!"\n "Things!" I shout.\n \n She's crazy. Yep. I love her."
March 20, 2015 –
37.0% "... but when I collapsed backwards on it I sit slightly on his knee. I squeal and reposition quickly.
"Phew! That was almost a disaster. Dis-ASSter. Get it? I'm so good."
"You're so drunk," he insists.

I may be a little bit drunk too 'cause I keep laughing like a total idiot! :''D"
March 21, 2015 –
67.0% "#feels #sobbingmess"
March 21, 2015 –
90.0% "Knife-kid shrugs. "He just seems bummed. You and him are the only two I don't fantasize about stabbing. So. I thought you should know."\n "Oookay, nice talking to you. I gotta go. To India."\n \n Everyone in here is crazy as hell. I LOVE THIS BOOK"
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Gemma sono troppo contenta! Welcome to the Lovely V club ahahah <3

Gemma ps: ti ha ammazzato quel maledettissimo cliffhanger alla fine? Stavo per buttare il kindle all'aria lol

•Anna• Se non fossi così euforica per questo gioiellino starei crepando. Seriamente! Mi fiondo assolutamente sul secondo. ORA ADESSO SUBITOOO :3

message 4: by Lys (new) - added it

Lys Ammetto che dalla trama non l'avrei mai considerato neanche di striscio, ma... è finito in wishlist ;)

•Anna• YAAAY! :D
Ahaha, ti giuro che Isis è una forza! Spero ti piaccia quando lo leggerai :3

message 6: by Mara (new)

Mara Your review makes me want to read this so badly!

Gemma guarda dovresti ritenerti più che fortunata perché hai a disposizione immediata l'intera trilogia. Io ho dovuto aspettare 3 mesi il terzo e ti posso garantire che non è stato facile (specie per la fine del secondo, brace yourself lol). Che bello vedere condiviso l'amore per questo libro *____* Adoro quando altre persone gli danno una chance e lo gradiscono pure!! Perché poi penso è un gioiellino di storia che merita tanta ammirazione quando ci sono YA e NA decisamente brutti che sono più conosciuti. LEGGETE LOVELY VICIOUS PEOPLE!!! :))))
PS: il mio preferito è il terzo. Quanto ho pianto ahaha

•Anna• Mara wrote: "Your review makes me want to read this so badly!"

That's my goal! LOL Everyone should read it :3

•Anna• Gemma wrote: "guarda dovresti ritenerti più che fortunata perché hai a disposizione immediata l'intera trilogia. Io ho dovuto aspettare 3 mesi il terzo e ti posso garantire che non è stato facile (specie per la ..."

Ehm, sì lo fo *fiùùùù*
Con tutti quei libri che aspetto vengano pubblicati con l'ansia addosso, una volta ogni mille mai mi godo una serie completa :PP
Povera, non deve essere stata proprio una passeggiata di salute, capisco x.x *pat pat in ritardo*
Che figataaa *w* Di solito le serie perdono in "qualità", di libro in libro! :3 wiiii, ho ancora l'euforia addosso. BEL LIBRO :DD Adesso capisco il tuo entusiasmo nei confronti di questa serie ahaha

Gemma ahahha brava adesso comprendi completamente! ahah Giuro che questa è una delle poche trilogie che davvero mi ha provocato un book hangover grande quanto una casa. L'unica "pecca" è che sono davvero troppo corti (300 pagine dell awesomeness che è Isis Blake non sono abbastanza ahah)!
Enjoy the rest! :*

•Anna• Già, sono dei libriccini... me ne sono accorta prendendo il secondo x.x Però questa potrebbe anche essere una delle rare volte in cui divoro un libro dietro l'altro della stessa serie... un evento, insomma! *-*
Graziee! Mi resta solo quello da fare... godermi Isis in tutta la sua magnificenza :3

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