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Fair Game by Josh Lanyon
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Jul 18, 2010

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Read from July 22 to 23, 2010

Elliott had a great career going as an FBI Special Agent, and a great relationship (at least a physical relationship) with fellow FBI agent Tucker Lance. But it all ended seventeen months ago after he was shot in the leg. Knowing he had to give up his field career, and not wanting to succumb to a desk job, he quits the agency and starts back as a history professor.

Elliott finds it is hard to be away from the mystery investigations, and when his father asks to help friends of his whose son has gone missing and goes to the same university he teaches at, he takes the case as a consultant. Tension increases when he realizes Tucker is the agent on this missing student case. Meeting with Tucker is very awkward, but also intense. When another student goes missing, Elliott finds himself deep in a mystery, and in the path of his former lover.

While the mystery is definitely up to par in Fair Game, my biggest disappointment is with the romance. I expected a great mystery and was not disappointed. I didn’t expect plentiful sex scenes, and that is fine. But what I wanted is at least the heroes to have plentiful scenes together. At the 35% mark (I read it on my Kindle) the heroes had barely had page time together, and while after this things do heat up a bit, there is still so much time just focused on the mystery. They really do not get significant page time together until almost two-thirds through the book. This couple has a long journey to regain trust together – but even if they are at that stage where they don’t trust nor like each other, I still wanted to see interaction.

I liked that there were many characters introduced that were suspicious and all had their own motives. Josh Lanyon writes great supporting characters and although in this book, everyone takes a more serious tone, it works well. Elliott is not really in a great place in his life and although I love Lanyon’s more quirky characters, his serious characters, with the intense vibe can be just as fulfilling. And intense is definitely a word to describe Elliott and Tucker’s relationship. The last third of the book was riveting, and you could feel the tension and passion coming off the pages. I just wish it would have been more spread out through the book. Fair Game gets high ranks for a mystery and a good ending, but as an overall romance, falls short.
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07/22/2010 "It's good...but I'm 35% in and h/h have barely had any interaction."

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