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Thunderball by Ian Fleming
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Dec 29, 2007

it was amazing

A lot more about the unnatural life one leads just by drinking milk and eating white bread, and even an anti-smoking message in a Bond novel. It was funny to read how both M and Bond were won over by the Shrubland treatment, but drop the new habits once the heat turns up worldwide. Emilio Largo isn't such a bad guy: personable, polite, and has a sense of humour about losing big at cards - very unlike most of the madmen James Bond goes up against. Perhaps Largo wouldn't have been such a bad guy if he hadn't fallen in with the Spectre crowd, but greed got the better of him, and a ever-present fear of being electrocuted or worse by Blofeld kept him from turning good. Blofeld is another piece of work, as the introduction points out, he is the anti-Bond. Nice dialogue, too, halfway through the novel, over the Sour Martinis. Another nice theme, tied in with all the health talk is how the body has no memory of pain (something I was delighted to find out once in the hospital). Interesting that Bond gets saved in the end by Domino, yet even more unusual behaviour from the novels that probably didn't make it on to the screen.

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